Scientology: Another Tom Cruise Marriage Fail

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It wasn’t hard to predict that Tom Cruise’s third marriage to Katie Holmes wouldn’t last.  For years now, the young actress has looked like a depressed, disheveled adolescent being dragged around by a man who acts like he’s got it all together and has the smile to prove it.  When Tom finds, courts, and then marries his prey, at first it’s all lovey-dovey couch jumping, romantic red-carpet kisses and then, slowly but surely, something changes.

After a few years of observable misery on the face of Tom’s wife, a surprise divorce follows and eventually we come to find out that the root of another failed Tom Cruise marriage is the actor’s controlling nature and his commitment to “a study of truth” called Scientology.

Tom Cruise’s first wife Mimi Rogers introduced him to dianetics.  Tom’s second and third wives, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, were both raised Roman Catholic, but at the start of their love affair with Tom both women agreed to dabble in Scientology.

Apparently Nicole and Katie didn’t understand the practices and teachings of the pseudo-religion that “audits” the minds of its believers.  Moreover, Cruise is so charismatic and successful that at first the women are so smitten that agreeing with Tom that “humans are descended from an exiled race of aliens called Thetans” is a small price to pay for being married to “Jerry Maguire.”

Kidman and Holmes both started out as vibrant starlets; then they married Tom Cruise, fell off the map for awhile and were separated from family, friends, and career. In no time both women reemerged as fully-disconnected “robots.”

This is what a Tom Cruise ‘Scientology’ wife looks like:  She’s always taller than Tom so that his arm fits perfectly around her waist without him having to reach down when he steers her around.  Tom’s wives always have perfect, ramrod-straight posture; they put their shoulders back and hold their heads high.  Whenever Tom is with whichever wife, they smile halfheartedly, sporting a serious glazed-over expression while staring off into the distance. Toothy Tom is always smiling so hard his face looks like it may crack.  At some point, the women in Tom’s life, with pained eyes, look like they’re trying desperately to convey the message: “Someone, anyone, please save me.”

It’s hard enough to break free from a sect when you’ve made a decision to dedicate yourself to its ideology, let alone agree to something you didn’t fully understand in order to marry a movie star. That seems to be what happened with both Nicole and now Katie – apparently they were cool with Scientology as long as it just involved keeping Tommy content.

Things changed when Cruise shared his plans to indoctrinate the children into a cult whose set of guidelines include the belief that “[a]n extraterrestrial being named Xenu manipulated and eventually enslaved humans from numerous planets. Spirits and false memories are said to inhabit all humans on planet Earth and can be exorcised.”

Tom is so dedicated a believer that before he adopted Isabella and Conner he pressured their biological mothers to deliver them according to a Scientology birth ritual. As they grew, then- Mrs. Cruise Nicole Kidman tried protecting the kids, who were 8 and 6 at the time, from Scientology practices such as being “interrogated while hooked up to a lie detector.”

Rumor had it that Nicole Kidman did manage to put some distance between her husband and Scientology for a while, but it didn’t last long. When Kidman announced she was raising the children Catholic, Tom would have no part of it. So, after 10 years of marriage, Tom Cruise filed for divorce.

The superstar’s control over Bella and Connor was so powerful they both remained with Cruise and chose Scientology over their mother.  In a 2010 interview, when asked about Scientology’s effect on her children, Kidman said “Yes, they’re being raised as Scientologists. I don’t want to go there.”

Nicole’s ordeal obviously mirrors what is now going on with Tom Cruise’s third wife Katie Holmes. Learning from Kidman’s tragic losses, Katie must be well aware that it will take drastic measures to remove her daughter from the grip of Scientology and the influence of one fanatical control freak named Tom Cruise.

Over the past five years, Katie Holmes has witnessed the effect the “religion” has had on her two stepchildren, and with Suri already being schooled at a Scientology centre, the actress must feel it is urgent that she rescue her daughter from a religion that believes it’s “here to rescue you.”

Katie is so serious about protecting her little girl that she’s fighting for primary custody of Suri who, at six-years-old marches to the beat of her own drummer and wears kitten heels and lipstick.

So, as probably the most famous “operating Thetan level VII” Scientologist of all time progresses through auditing “levels,” convinced he is god-like in his ability to “consciously control matter, energy, space, time, thought and life,” in the end he couldn’t control two Hollywood mama grizzlies determined to protect their children. Tom Cruise may be immersed in a supposedly neuroscience-based belief system that promises its adherents success, but as it turns out he’s an abysmal failure in all the things that matter.

As for rebellious “thought units” Nicole and Katie, well, the desire to liberate their children was obviously stronger than the desire to be married to Mr. Mission Impossible. Roused from a fevered ‘Tom Cruise’ love-stupor the two former Mrs. Cruises rallied, realized the hot water they had gotten themselves and their children into, and made a run for it.

And so, while Tom Cruise continues to believe he’s on what Scientologists call the “Bridge to Total Freedom,” the real truth is that unless he finds and successfully converts another naïve star-struck victim, Tom will likely spend many more years crossing that bridge alone.

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