Now ‘It Takes One’?

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Nicknamed “the closer” by her husband, first lady Michelle Obama has decided to exploit her high favorability ratings in hopes of benefiting Barack Obama’s bid for re-election.  From the look of things, Obama needs a swift kick in the seat of his high-waisted Mom jeans.  So, heeding the call, Mrs. O. is casting aside her gardening hoe, slipping on her designer sneakers, and “launching a nationwide effort to motivate every supporter of President Obama to get more involved in his re-election campaign — and bring along somebody else, too.”

In addition to making plans to blaze her way down the campaign trail, recently at Oregon State University’s college commencement, keynote speaker Michelle exercised her civic duty by informing the graduates that “the traditional markers of success with a fat paycheck, the fancy office, [and] the impressive lines on our resumes” are not all they’re cracked up to be.

Yet this same woman has zero difficulty initiating an all-out effort to ensure that her husband can continue to receive his fat paycheck, can go on putting his feet up on the Resolute Desk in his fancy office, and can add an impressive line to his resume showing eight years in his present occupation instead of four.

So, one week after Obama emphatically informed Americans that “[y]ou’re not on your own, [that] we’re in this together,” the first lady announced she is embarking on a one-woman re-election effort called “It Takes One.”  For the next three months, Michelle Obama’s unavoidable in-your-face recruitment message will be featured everywhere from “digital media [and] advertising [to] grassroots organizing.”

The always self-sacrificial Michelle is so committed to making sure her husband is re-elected that, rather than spend a couple of weeks relaxing this summer on Martha’s Vineyard, she has chosen instead to be the “face of the effort and personally participate in many ‘It Takes One’ events as she travels across the country.”

The slogan “It Takes One” is perfect for a first lady like Michelle Obama, who has a fervent belief in the power of one.  After all, it was her husband Barack who gave the impression that he alone possessed the ability to heal the planet while simultaneously commanding the oceans to cease rising.  Thus far, Obama has accomplished neither.  However, what he did manage to do is prove that “It Takes One” dedicated socialist type to make a situation that was problematic in 2008 absolutely horrific in 2012.

Leaving reality and verifiable failures aside, the “It Takes One” re-election endeavor will officially be launched by the first lady during upcoming campaign stops in the battleground state of Virginia.  Michelle will tell supporters that individual initiative, which the president has already expressed is largely insufficient when it comes to growing small businesses, is more than sufficient when it’s directed toward helping grow the Obama campaign.

Anxious to get started, prior to the impending Virginia crusade, Michelle taped and released an inspirational “It Takes One” video message.  Hoping to goad Obama supporters into action, Mrs. Obama opened the video reminiscing about her husband’s first campaign for the Illinois legislature when, as mere newlyweds, Shelley and Barry “would take friends along” on romantic outings, where they would all “collect petition signatures to get Obama on the ballot.”

For three minutes the first lady didactically warns viewers that the 2012 election will be even tighter than the skin-tight metallic jeans she wore to the 2012 Kid’s Choice Awards.  In addition, she also references “moving the country forward,” a feat that involves re-electing a man whose policies have all but brought the nation’s economy to a screeching halt.

Nevertheless, Michelle’s main message to supporters is this: “Every time you take action to move this country forward … inspire one more person to join you as well.”  Also included in the video exhortation is a warning cautioning the faithful that one small effort “[c]ould be the difference between waking up on Nov. 7 and feeling the promise of four more years or asking yourself, ‘Could I have done more?'”

Clearly, Mrs. Obama will be spending the campaign season nagging indifferent Democrats that it’s “time to take action” and counseling lethargic liberals on how to avoid regret over not doing more to promote the retention of a president who has spent four years coming up with creative ways to provide 300 million people with easy-to-follow instructions on how to do less.

In conclusion, Mrs. Obama tells the president’s supporters that “in the end, it could all come down to those last few thousand votes in a single state[?]”

A more likely scenario is that the election may come down to a few thousand voters being successfully chased away from a polling place by dedicated New Black Panther poll watchers committed to helping Obama move the country forward by beating back one voter at a time.

Either way, one can’t help but wonder how “It Takes One” volunteers can spend so much time helping the Obamas coerce petition signatures, crash phone banks, and register the dead, fictional, and illegal at — an Obama campaign effort “that aims to help voters overcome new ID and polling place requirements across the country” — and still find time to work a regular job, if they still have one.

Therefore, taking all these as well as other factors into consideration, and despite the confusion of the paradoxical “You didn’t do it alone”/”It Takes One” campaign message, it’s safe to say that the first lady’s theme is effective in focusing on the impact one American can have on another.  And if “It Takes One” accomplishes nothing else, at least Michelle’s catchy new slogan perfectly describes her husband’s one-man effort to move America forward – over an economic cliff – one person at a time.

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