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Recently, at the University of Science in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, Michelle Obama expressed her view of the Obama voters she feels will make difference in the November election.  The first lady’s less-than-flattering opinion is that some of them are “knuckleheads,” “distracted,” and “confused.” And although those are not the nicest things to say about your friends, in this case Mrs. Obama is entirely accurate.

In an attempt to gin up Obama supporters to get out the vote, the first lady said that “All of us know that one person in our lives, right, that one knucklehead nephew that’s not registered to vote, that one neighbor that’s not really paying attention, or that one person in your office that’s confused about how Barack’s tax plan will benefit, um, that individual…”

The type of knucklehead Mrs. Obama was referring to isn’t the playful Paul Winchell puppet with the uncanny resemblance to her husband. Nor was it a reference to those famous “knuckleheads” Moe, Larry and Curly of Three Stooges fame.

In addition to nephews, neighbors, and co-workers, the knuckleheads that fit the first lady’s description include those supposedly intelligent Obama voters who clap like trained seals every time the President stokes class warfare by maligning the prosperous and denigrating corporate America.

Don’t liberals know that Barack Obama is actively in the process of expanding the biggest, most out-of-control, bloated federal government/conglomerate in the history of the planet?  The only distinction between the Washington DC régime and the private sector that the left purports to abhor is that the government Obama supervises is run by wealthy, power-hungry elected officials whose earnings growth and outlook are contingent solely on legally fleecing the American taxpayer.

As a group, knuckleheads on the left are so busy reviling personal achievement that they fail to recognize that Government Inc. prospers only because it callously liquidates less-powerful competitors and funnels profit to very few.

What the left either doesn’t understand or refuses to acknowledge is that Barack Obama sits at the helm of a federally-run corporation far richer, greedier and more dishonest than Bain Capital ever could be, and his goal in the next election is to remain seated.

On the whole, liberals refuse to admit that their ‘representatives’ in government are nothing more than elected extortionists, amassing profits and reaping a level of personal gain that rivals the most hardnosed executive wielding clout in the corporate world.

When the President insists that the “economy grows best — from the middle out, from the bottom up, not from the top down” what he’s actually doing is cleverly bolstering top-down economics by making sure its the government that stays on top.   At corporate headquarters in Washington DC, corrupt politicians rob Americans of private property and eye private business for federal takeover while disguising corporate-style ruthlessness as benevolent bureaucracy.

After all, Government Inc. is the ultimate predator — it devours the meat, sucks the marrow from the bone, and then tosses leftovers to the entitled, who grapple for it thinking they’re getting something for free.

When Mr. Obama, the federal executive who occupies his time frittering away trillions of dollars, attempts to woo the middle class with the kind of simplistic class-warfare rhetoric that suggests conservatives don’t care about creating jobs and furthering prosperity, only about granting “big tax cuts to folks who don’t need them” and letting “corporations run roughshod, even if they’re not doing the right thing,” do knuckleheads even recognize the absurdity of such nonsense?

Instead of spending time waving “Forward.” banners and applauding ineptitude, maybe before Obama voters rush to the polls on Election Day they should first ask themselves this:  Does the federal government Barack Obama hawks really deserve to be entrusted with more personal property to mismanage? And if truth be told, isn’t it really the bureaucratic establishment that’s running “roughshod” over America?

Moreover, after wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on a failed stimulus bill, growing the deficit, nurturing unemployment, and pretty much inflicting mayhem on the American economy, has the current CEO of Government Inc. earned the right to say anything about anything, let alone criticize competitors in the private sector?

It’s hard to disagree that at this crucial juncture, Barack Obama expressing his opinion on how to run the country would be sort of like listening to Jessica Simpson share deep thoughts on quantum theory.

With that in mind, liberals can start regaining some level of self-respect by recognizing and admitting that the corporate crooks and gluttonous companies Barack Obama plans to penalize pale in comparison to the mammoth Washington DC conglomerate he endorses, which at its core is more unscrupulous and unethical than failed Enron and Tyco combined.

Therefore, before agreeing with the first lady and officially assuming the title of liberal Knucklehead, Democrat voters should realize that if they vote for Barack Obama in 2012, the corrupt corporate mentality they think they’re voting against is the very thing they’ll be voting for – only worse.

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