Whatever Happened to ‘They’re Gonna Do it Anyway?’

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Rest assured that if Americans are participating in an activity that liberals applaud, encouragement and financial facilitation are certain. However, if the uncooperative citizenry tends toward an activity that the left condemns, guilt, denunciation, and rebuke commence, and monitoring, restriction, and regulations follow.

Generally, if it involves the lusty side of human nature, liberals believe that self-control is an attribute most individuals lack. Ask anyone on the left why condoms should be made available to schoolchildren and standard answer is “They’re gonna to do it anyway.”

By and large, when it comes to sensual delights, Democrats tend to argue that nothing can be done to alter a person’s drive to satiate that primal urge. If hormones are raging, liberals are convinced that free birth control should be made available without limit. If prophylactic precautionary measures fail, government-funded abortion should be there to rectify inconvenient situations.

As a group, progressives seem to be convinced that the human libido is so intense that it overpowers free will. So, rather than discourage immoral behavior, to ensure “safe sex” and to save lives, they prod government to facilitate promiscuity at taxpayers’ expense.

Enabling heroin enthusiasts to avoid HIV and Hepatitis C with clean needle programs is another thing the left champions. As for marijuana, many ganja-loving liberals believe legalization is a great idea because not only are they “gonna to do it anyway,” but “everybody’s doing it,” so why miss out on the fun?

What’s confusing about this attitude is that the “They’re gonna to do it anyway” mantra does not apply to things like eating food and owning firearms, two activities leftists love to police.

Think about it. Who can name a more “They’re gonna to do it anyway” activity than eating? Eating is so much a part of our lives that at a minimum most of us eat at least three times a day which, for anyone other than Bill Clinton, is more than can be said about sex.

Michelle Obama, who’d probably support providing minors with birth control and dopers with needles, is busily swapping out candy for carrot sticks in vending machines. The first lady is totally convinced that nagging reins in appetite. However, the nudge approach seems to lack common sense, because if sexual impulses are impossible to regulate, how do you control a survival instinct like eating?

Don’t try to answer that question; liberals don’t make sense because they always attempt to have it both ways. Someone should inform progressives that, regardless of the pursuit, either human craving can be harnessed, or it’s pretty much impossible to force anyone to do anything against their will.

At present, freewheeling condom cheerleaders have turned their attention toward gun violence. The same people who declare that beginning at age 13 a person’s sex drive has a mind of its own also believe that violent lunatics hell-bent on chaos can have their impulses thwarted simply by limiting the types of weapons available to sane people.

If it is impossible to curtail sexual behavior in normal folks, how can hiding guns from the mentally ill affect irrational behavior? If the left’s condom logic were to be applied to the Second Amendment, gun lovers could get unlimited access to firearms. Then, in order to ensure public safety, someone would have to invent a condom specifically for guns.

In all seriousness, the misguided notion that gun control will curb violence makes almost as much sense as Michelle Obama believing that supervising food choices will convince high school athletes that they can survive on quinoa and sautéed spinach. Just because the Twinkies are no longer on school premises doesn’t mean that 250-pound football players are going to submit and agree to survive on 800 calories a day. Rest assured, neither will psychotics be deterred from murder and mayhem if that’s their aspiration.

Thus, once again, liberal contradiction proves that attempting to constrain truly uncontrollable people keeps no one safe and places unnecessary restrictions on everyone else.

Therefore, as the gun control debate heats up, Americans should note the liberal paradox that approves of granting irresponsible children the ability to exercise absolute free will in matters of the flesh, but wants to give government the role of ultimate micromanager in areas that affect responsible adults.

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