The ‘100th Day Ongoing Misadventure’ Press Conference

0430-obama-press-conference.jpg_full_600-300x200Former President Bush has been back in Texas for four-plus years, but for the last approximately 1,500 days, America has been listening to President Obama pass the buck and shift the blame onto GW for everything but the fly that keeps landing on his nose in the East Room.

The genial George W. is still getting blamed for Obama’s worsening economy, growing national debt and ongoing recession, not to mention stagnant unemployment, a continuing fiscal crisis, and bad feelings in the Middle East toward America.  There’s no doubt, if asked, Obama would say that President Bush is the author of the “extraordinary times” he keeps referring to whenever he’s confronted with his own ineptitude.

The president would have us believe that, rather than chopping away at those golf balls he shoots into the hazards, he spends every waking moment digging out of an “incredible hole that [he] inherited.”  In other words, when it comes to other people’s mistakes, if he needs to point them out Barack Obama doesn’t limit himself to measureable time frames.  If the president can twist what was done 10 years ago into an excuse for the multi-tiered “train wreck” he’s authored, he will.

However, any mistakes attributable to Obama are treated quite differently.  No long-term looking back for the Obama Administration, oh no.  Bygones are bygones and what went before is now part of history and deemed inapplicable to events of the day.  Like water that has passed under a bridge, sand through the hourglass, past issues are gone and never referenced again.

Take for instance the stimulus debacle, Obama’s big pull out of Iraq, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.  When was the last time we heard about how the healthcare plan could bankrupt the nation?  What about the rapidly expanding food stamp rolls, or the sequester-cancelled White House tours disappointing children?

Even though Obama “jumps to conclusions” himself, especially on issues of race, and plays on racial tension every chance he gets, is any of it ever brought up?  What about the ‘Israel is our ally’ muddle, or Obama disrespecting various world leaders and inappropriately bowing to dictators?  Not a word!  Then there’s the oil spill/green energy mess, the president’s partiality toward Muslims, and open-arms attitude toward illegals.  Not to mention “Fast and Furious,” funding terrorism in Egypt, ignoring the Syrian “red line,” and having 12 domestic terrorist attacks on his watch.

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