Sorry Sebelius! It looks like Sarah Murnaghan will turn 11 years old

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Kathleen Sebelius must be a little upset.  Why?  Because despite her “some will live and some will die” comment the worst has happened: 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan, a little girl with cystic fibrosis, got her lungs and is still alive.

That’s right – despite Kathleen Sebelius’ refusal to waive the law so that Sarah, who was eligible for non-available pediatric lungs and too young for available adult lungs, could get a pair of healthy adult lungs – Sarah prevails!

Talk about a humiliating turn of events for the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Just last week, waxing philosophical, Kathleen said “No” to Sarah getting an adult double-lung transplant.  Then a judge intervened and said, “Yes!” Now Sarah, who Kathleen Sebelius handed over to death, has a new lease on life.

Barring complications like rejection and infection, as it stands right now little Sarah will be around for a while. Sarah Murnaghan was one sick little girl.  After the surgery, her ecstatic family was “thrilled” to share the good news that, thus far, despite Sebelius’s attempt to send Sarah to the morgue, the transplant was a smashing success.

The whole Sarah Murnaghan situation opens a can of worms for Ms. Sebelius because it appeared the government was gearing up to use a little girl with cystic fibrosis as sort of a trial balloon to gage public reaction to the Obama goons denying medical care for a deathly ill child.  If Sarah had done what Kathleen had hoped, and died, saying “No!” would have set a precedent.

In essence, by refusing to waive the adult lung law so that Sarah could live, Kathleen Sebelius was rehearsing her role as God so that in the future, when the new healthcare law kicked in, she’d have already practiced saying “No!”

Then Kathy S. could have said “No!” to Grandma’s pacemaker, “No!” to chemo for Uncle Harry and “No!” to neonatal care for premature babies who the Obama administration would have much rather seen aborted.

Therefore, saying “No!” to everyone would have been a piece of cake, or as pie-sharer Michelle Obama likes to call it:  ‘A piece of pie.’

The problem Ms. Sebelius must now grapple with is that she publicly declined to waive the rules for a deathly ill little girl whose life could have easily been saved.  As a result, Americans are now aware that the Secretary of Health and Human Services is has no problem handing over helpless little girls and boys, who would otherwise be saved, to premature death.

Instead, much to Kathleen the Ghoul’s chagrin, instead of going to Sarah’s funeral, her friends, family and a nation anticipating the ramifications of government-run healthcare will all be watching Sarah use her new lungs to blow out the candles on her 11th birthday cake.

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