If You Have the Strength to Stand – ‘Stand Up for Obamacare’

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In 2012, when Barack Obama was fairly unpopular, Organizing for America helped get him reelected by convincing voters who were basically ambivalent about reelecting the president to walk like mindless zombies to the polls and vote for Obama.

Now, Barry finds himself in a similar unpopular situation because 54% of Americans abhor Obamacare.  So, in an effort persuade healthcare reform detractors that they adore something they despise, the president is addressing the issue by employing those reelection magicians, Organizing for America.

Jon Carson, Executive Director of OFA, is currently in the process of rallying the 43% of those who still support the calamitous nightmare called Obamacare.  In an effort to convince a nation teetering on healthcare hell that what they’re already experiencing really isn’t happening, Jon’s job is to persuade the drones to employ sheer obnoxiousness to get people crawling around on their hands and knees to “Stand Up for Obamacare.”

Preaching directly to the choir, and without explaining exactly what he meant, Carson injected the spirit of camaraderie into the discussion when he said “People like you have been fighting to improve access to affordable health care since day one.”  Huh?

Okay, somebody please explain why people who didn’t do a damned thing are being led to believe they were integral in the passage of healthcare reform?

Oh wait, I know!  It’s “Because [Jon said] no one should ever have to go bankrupt because they get sick.” However, if you happen to be 10 years old and have cystic fibrosis, while you may not go bankrupt because you’re sick, it is quite possible you might die prematurely after a government advisory panel denies you a lung transplant.

Instead of going bankrupt from illness, Americans will be driven to sickness and bankruptcy after attempting in vain to pay premiums for unaffordable health care.  Not to mention shouldering the burden of slackers, 30 million illegal aliens, the non-taxpaying citizenry, and twenty-somethings who refuse to grow up and accept personal responsibility for their own lives.

Sounding as if he was downloading a campaign speech into Obama’s Teleprompter, Carson finished up his recruiting rant by reminding the faithful who’s to blame for ‘standing up’ being necessary:

[e]ven though Obamacare has been the law for more than three years, the other side is still trying to chip away at it. The House of Representatives has voted to repeal it 37 times, and conservative state legislatures across the country are passing laws that make it harder for their constituents to get access to affordable care.

Obamacare’s not going anywhere. And neither are we.

What Jon really meant to say was that Obama’s not going anywhere, which is 99.44% of the problem, and because he’s not going anywhere, that’s why neither are we.

Nevertheless, the OFA Obamacare brainwashing plan is this:  Convince supporters to “Say you’re on Team Obamacare.”  Then, get them to agree to help spread the word on a grassroots level that Obamacare, which is already making people’s lives miserable, is “improving the lives of millions of Americans.”

Sign on – and for lying straight to people’s faces about the ‘Unaffordable We Don’t Care Act,’ Obamacare disciples will be rewarded with a free “Stand Up for Obamacare” bumper sticker (yippee) which will be sent directly to the mailbox at the address of a foreclosed home where it will then move directly to the rear bumper of a repossessed car, right next to the ‘Co-Exist’ decal.

Hence, in the spirit of “Stand Up for Obamacare,” here are a few ideas for more fitting, custom-designed bumper stickers that should be placed in full view on the rear ends of Smart Cars driven by dumb people, as well as Priuses and the always-trendy and super-cool liberal favorite, the Mini Cooper.



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