Obama Offers Africa Air-Conditioned-Limo Energy Conservation Talk

Air_Force_One_and_LimoOriginally posted at Clash Daily

Barack “Colossal Carbon Footprint” Obama ratcheted up the hypocrisy another notch on his $100 million, cargo-plane-polluting excursion to sub-Saharan Africa. While Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Bush were in Zambia renovating a cervical cancer screening clinic, Barack was announcing his Power Africa energy initiative.

Power Africa includes the distribution of Soccket soccer balls that create and store kinetic energy during play. After the balls are kicked around a bit, they can be taken home to the grass hut to plug in a lamp in hopes that grateful Africans will use the light to look at pictures of their hero Barack Obama, who plans to invest $7 billion in energy access programs he approves of in Tanzania and across Africa.

But wait! The African people shouldn’t get all excited, because when the president was speaking in Johannesburg, South Africa at a town hall function, his lofty plan to bring dependable energy to the second largest continent on the planet came with an interesting caveat.

Obama, who spares no expense when it comes to his own comfort, told people who subsist in poverty that if air conditioning in arid, scorching Africa and automobiles and large houses were the norm in places that don’t currently enjoy such luxuries, “the planet will boil over.”

Speaking to African youth, Obama managed to send an energy conservation message to selfish energy-using Americans while simultaneously tamping down the expectations of African children hoping to one day have what Americans take for granted when he said: “Ultimately you think you [sic] about all the youth that everybody’s mentioned here in Africa, if everybody’s raising living standards to the point where everybody’s got a car, and everybody’s got air conditioning, and everybody’s got a big house the planet will boil over – unless we find new ways of producing energy.”

Allow me to translate: “I have everything, and you have nothing. However, if I have my way you’ll continue to have nothing while I continue to enjoy everything, and do so while hypocritically advancing an energy policy that won’t impact my comfort level in the slightest.”

Then he said, “And tomorrow, or the next day when I visit Tanzania, I’m actually going to be going to a power plant to focus on electrification,” which sounds more like what they did to atomic bomb spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg than Power Africa.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama is a man who lives in that big White House in America, the one his wife considers a prison. Mr. Obama and his tag-along entourage, although concerned about emissions, travel in luxury, guzzling gas in limousines and “the Beast,” and burning up jet fuel for Air Force One and flights for the hangers-on, plus helicopters and huge cargo planes.

Energy hog Barack Obama has the audacity to touch down in Africa, suggest that everyone embrace gay marriage, and then proceed to tout an energy program that includes kinetically-powered soccer balls with built-in outlets as one answer to Africa’s problems.

After that, he motorcades over to a town hall event and informs the youths, most of whom live in abject poverty, that air conditioning, automobiles, and large homes are out of the question for them because if they indulge in so much as a fraction of the energy use he gobbles up all day every day, they will cause “the planet to boil over.”

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