Is there a Big Weiner-Spitzer in the Big Apple’s Future?

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Everybody, don your commemorative black socks and get ready to wave to the Weiner float as it passes by in the parade of political weirdness, because “tabloid twins” Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer are number one in the polls in their respective races.

Who’s responsible for catapulting “Client Number 9” and Huma’s horndog husband to into the lead?

Why, it’s African-American voters. A new Quinnipiac University poll says that support among African-American voters is pushing both men, who clearly on occasion have been over the top – to the top – of the polls.

Oh no!  If the liberal African-American community’s newest media sensation and spokesperson for liberal intelligentsia, Rachel Jeantel, has anything to say about it, in order to be ‘new school’ all the newly minted campaign buttons may have to be changed to read “Vote 4 Weina’ and Spitza’!”

Nevertheless, black socks and pussycats aside, Harlem resident Preston Price said, “I give everybody a second chance. A person can learn from their mistakes, everybody deserves a second chance.”

Harlem residents are generally forgiving like that. Remember when America’s first black president, Bill Clinton? After cheating on Hillary, disgracing the office of the president, lying to the American people, and perjuring himself under oath Bill was welcomed by Harlem with much fanfare to set up his Clinton Foundation office at 55 West 125th Street, where he showed up exactly twice?

About Weiner and Spitzer’s tawdry past, another Harlem resident, Grisel Estrada, added “I know it was a dark time in their past, but I feel they came out and apologized for the things that happened. They should have a second chance at running for office.”

Sorry Griesl, no disrespect intended, but the darkest part of the disgusting Spitzer affair were those dang black socks “Client Number 9”  refused to take off when visiting Ashley Dupre. And based on one of Weiner’s more revealing pictures popping up on the Internet, the “came out” part has nothing to do with apologies.

In the meantime, Anthony the Weiner wants to assume the title of esteemed Hizzweiner and Sir Elliot of Spitzer, who obviously has troubles comptrolling himself, wants to comptrol the whole city.

Among all voters, Weiner is three hotdogs ahead of his lesbian/anti-wiener opponent, Christine Quinn.  But among black voters, who typically reject the gay lifestyle but apparently accept adultery and perverse exhibitionism, Weiner is at 31 percent while Quinn is at 16 percent.

In the comptroller’s race, Spitzer leads Scott Stringer by 15 points overall, but among blacks, the black-sock-wearing, prostitute-purchasing, hopeful owns a commanding lead of 61-26.

What’s also interesting about the poll is that by huge margins, voters of both genders and voters of all ethnic and economic strata are of the consensus that financial impropriety is much worse for an elected official than sexual misconduct, except if they’re a Republican – then any hint of sexual hanky-panky is absolutely unforgivable.

In other words, if politicians make suspicious bank transfers to fund illicit rendezvous at the Emperors Club VIP with high-priced call girls and blow $80,000 on hookers, that’s not considered financial impropriety.

As for Weiner, black voters must feel that sexting a picture of his bare chest, his engorged namesake, and his pussycat while his pregnant wife Huma was tending to Hillary Clinton isn’t something to hold against the man.

And so at this juncture in the race, at least for blacks living and voting in New York City, a Big Weiner-Spitzer win is rife with exciting possibilities for the Big Apple.


UPDATE:  Quinn takes lead in mayoral race.

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