Cocktails and Self-Segregated Black Liberals

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Talk about an incestuous relationship:  President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attended a cocktail party this evening at the Martha’s Vineyard home of National Public Radio host/serious journalist/dear friend and ally, Michele Norris.

After flying into the Vineyard this weekend and patiently awaiting the arrival of dozens of the president’s basketballs and Bo the family dog, both of which arrived with a security detail on a Marine chopper the following day, the Obamas got all gussied up and moseyed on over to a cocktail party hosted by friends in the unbiased media.

Michele Norris is the race-obsessed journalist and former co-host of NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

Norris, her husband Broderick Johnson, and her family have been coming to racially segregated Martha’s Vineyard for over 20 years.

To avoid a conflict of interest during the 2012 presidential campaign, ever the unbiased journalist, Norris took a leave of absence from NPR while her husband, Broderick Johnson, worked as a key adviser on Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

Commenting on the self-imposed Martha’s Vineyard racial segregation, black radio executive Skip Finley, who started vacationing in Oak Bluffs in 1954 and lives there full-time, said, “I don’t think anybody’s insulted by it. I’m certainly not.”

According to Mr. Finley, “It’s an arrangement that springs largely from the self-segregating impulse among black Vineyarders, who have come to the island to connect with each other.”

Finley also claims that “We have people here who are black and upscale and racist. They don’t want to be around white folks, and they don’t have to.”

In an interview with the Vineyard Gazette in 2011, Michele Norris said, “the family enjoys beach days at Long Point, swims at Seth’s Pond in West Tisbury and biking,” and that her memoir, The Grace of Silence, was sparked by “eavesdropping on conversations about race after the President’s election in 2008.”

That’s precisely why the Obamas and their motorcade, after leaving Bo, Sasha and Malia and their huge entourage behind in the $7.6 million vacation compound, made their way to Nat’s Farm Lane to the humble West Tisbury home of yet another minority couple segregating themselves in a nation that deprives blacks advantages all white Americans currently enjoy.

While at Michele and Brodrick’s place, Shelley and Barry likely tossed back a couple of cocktails, discussed unbiased issues like the Trayvon Martin tragedy and Michele’s Race Card Project, and before heading home, distributed air kisses all around.

So ‘all things considered’ it’s safe to say that when listening to NPR, unlike that dreadful right-wing ideologue-infested Fox News, Americans always get a “fair and balanced” version of stories like Benghazi, Obamacare, the IRS, and the NSA from personal friends and cocktail party hostesses to the First Couple.


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