No Free Thinking Allowed: Everybody Repeat After Obama: 2 + 2 = 5

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Millions of Americans believed the president when he swore that the goal of healthcare reform was merely to insure thirty million uninsured Americans. Those who disregarded their instincts and dismissed their skepticism are finding out that what was originally presented as a remedy for thirty million people is turning into a nightmare for the 270 million Americans perfectly content with the insurance they are in the process of losing.

Contrary to a promise that Obamacare would be a panacea, millions of cancellations of health insurance policies, from the individual to the small-group market, are happening daily. Moreover, premiums that were guaranteed to go down are skyrocketing, and a severe doctor shortage looms.

The problem that now exists for the president is that at more than 29 recorded appearances, America heard him assure us with his own mouth that contrary to the scare tactics of healthcare reform critics, when Obamacare was enacted “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan, period.” Obama repeatedly used those very words as a defense against political detractors who rightly issued a myriad of warnings that Obamacare would put America’s superior healthcare system in dire jeopardy.

The right correctly predicted that, with or without health insurance, Obama’s socialized  “share the wealth” vision would affect everyone negatively.   What was forewarned is proving to be even worse than anyone predicted.

But, true to form, Barack “Blame Game” Obama is not accepting responsibility for his lack of candor and instead is now qualifying his original “like your healthcare plan …keep your healthcare plan” assurance that he relentlessly hammered home.

Appearing at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC to address a crowd of 200 Organizing for Action acolytes, Obama brazenly altered his original statements by implying that he didn’t misspeak, America misheard. Speaking in the plural, the president insisted that “What we said was you could keep [your health insurance] if it hadn’t changed since the law was passed.”

Further, even though America was falsely led to believe that their old plans would remain unchanged, now that they’re not, the president is claiming that: “If we had allowed these old plans [to continue]…then we would have broken an even more important promise – making sure that Americans gain access to healthcare that doesn’t leave them one illness away from financial ruin.”

Apparently, the president’s best intentions required double-dealing to ensure that every American had an opportunity to obtain affordable, accessible healthcare which, by the way, is turning out to be neither affordable nor accessible.

Hence, to spare Americans “financial ruin” and mostly to seal a shady deal, lying was necessary and the secretive “even more important promise” justified trumping the truth.

And while dishonesty is bad enough, what is even more diabolical is Barack Obama insisting he said something that anyone with ears or closed captioning knows full well that he did not say.

Graduating from deceitfulness to totalitarian brainwashing, it seems by insisting that somehow America didn’t hear what we heard dozens of times when he promised “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan, period” the president is now treating the unwashed masses like a horde of clueless dolts.

Having our minds played with is eerily reminiscent of an Iranian short film on fascism where a headmaster tells students over a loudspeaker that there would be changes in their schooling and that the pupils should pay attention and follow the teacher’s instructions “to the letter.”

Standing in front of a classroom of adolescent boys, the instructor writes 2 + 2 = 5 on the board and instructs the youngsters to repeat “two plus two equals five,” and to say it louder over and over again.

One boy raises his hand and corrects the teacher, saying, “But sir, surely two plus two is four.” The clearly irritated teacher responds, “You’ve been told that two plus two is five. You will not question this. Do you understand?” The confused boy responds, “Yes sir, I just thought…” Quickly interjecting, the teacher retorts, “Don’t think. You don’t need to think. Two plus two equals five. Now sit down and be quiet.”

Another more outspoken boy then challenges the teacher and is told “Who gave you permission to talk? How dare you question me?”

Crying out for group affirmation, the second lad turns and addresses the class, saying, “Two and two is four; surely you can all see that!” With that, the teacher stomps out of the room and returns with three stoic youths dressed in white shirts and red arm bands, who stand at attention in the front of the room.

The teacher then intimidatingly asks the cheeky schoolboy, “Boy, tell us again what two plus two equals?” The youngster responds, “Four, sir.”

After mocking the child, the schoolteacher tells the boy to write the equation on the board and complete the sum of two plus two. Defiant, the boy writes “four” and is promptly shot dead by the three soldier-like students, his blood splattered across the scribbled equation. Calmly, after the dead body is removed from the room, the teacher erases the fresh blood from the chalkboard and asks the class, “Does anyone else not understand today’s lesson?”

That is the precisely the type of proselytization and intimidation that brings us back around to our esteemed indoctrinator Barack Obama, who is now swearing he said something about healthcare reform that every American knows he did not, and who is now asking Americans to agree with him and disregard what they know to be true.

So what is the lesson here? Are Americans being asked to ignore the truth, to deny what we’ve heard the president say?

Is the goal here to get the people to whom he lied to just follow orders and repeat after Obama when he insists, “Two plus two equals five?”


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