Obamacare Metes Out Restitution

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It’s becoming clearer by the day that Barack Obama’s pursuit of social justice will leave bodies in its wake. 

Even if a 17-year-old girl with a rare neurological brain disease loses her health insurance, the president remains unwavering in his stated commitment to redistribute America’s wealth – even though it often goes to people with the mentality of the Obama Phone lady.

The unstated message is that after 200+ years of inequality, if the playing field that has been lopsided too long is to be leveled, unfortunately, dead children and suffering adults are necessary ‘collateral damage.’

Speaking of privilege, as the American healthcare system circles a drain of confusion and despair, taking morale and wellbeing with it, Mr. Obama is busy planning his getaway to the historical site of the attack on Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii.

The yearly Obama family Holiday in Hawaii generally includes the ladies, along with pets Bo and Sunny, making an early departure; the $181K per-hour Air Force One flying Dad out to meet the girls; rent; security; family and friend tag-alongs; and 16 days of decadent dining, golf, and shaved ice.

The price tag for the jaunt is rumored to be somewhere around $4 million.  Not to be overly judgmental, but that large a ‘piece of pie’ would certainly cover the healthcare costs of many of the critically ill children inadvertently affected by the president’s insincere effort to prove he “cares.”

As the Obamas pack for Oahu, five million Americans who were adequately and affordably insured have lost their healthcare coverage.  In addition, after the first of the year, 50-75 million other currently-insured Americans anticipate losing their employer-provided health coverage.

For those fortunate enough to still have employer-provided healthcare, don’t start counting your money just yet.   Starting on January 1, 2014, while the Obamas are still funning and sunning in Hawaii, new taxes and fees will be tacked on to everyone’s healthcare bills.  These additional charges are required to support the cost of health insurance for lower-income families headed by women like Peggy Joseph, who, when Obama got elected, expressed relief that she wouldn’t have to worry about filling her gas tank and paying her mortgage anymore.

Meanwhile, so what if 17-year-old Johanna Benthel, a girl diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, has endured upwards of 80 surgeries to address her “medically fragile state?” So what if Johanna was lying in intensive care recuperating from brain surgery when her mother Eileen realized that the insurance covering her daughter’s medical needs may have been cancelled?  And so what if a cancer-stricken seven-year-old named Hunter Alford can’t get his chemotherapy because his health insurance was also lost?

This is ‘fairness’ we’re talking about here! For the first time in history, America has a president who has vowed that even if it takes three more Hawaiian holiday vacations totaling $12 million, he will never reconsider or repeal the unaffordable, uncaring Affordable Care Act.

America should just see it as belated bureaucratically-administered payback. And like it or not, come hell or high water, regardless of the devastation it causes, it will come to pass.

Why?  Because according to sycophantic reporter Jim Kuhnhenn, in an article entitled Income Inequality a Defining Challenge, when he’s not vacationing in Oahu Barack Obama is deeply concerned for those locked in the prison of income inequality.  In fact, no one is more deeply concerned than Obama.

And America wonders why millions of families in health crises are now being forced to purchase overpriced, substandard health insurance?  It’s because Barack Obama needs funds to make monetary restitution to those he deems more worthy.

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