Michelle Obama to China for a Boondoggle

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Itinerant world traveler Michelle Obama is in China for another one of her very private mother/daughter trips.

This time the jaunt includes her mother Marion and her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, who may one day be mothers themselves. Excluded from the trip are reporters who may or may not be mothers.

Mrs. Obama’s chief of staff, first-generation Chinese-American Tina Tchen, justified the female Obama entourage descending on Beijing this way: “a multigenerational visit would be appreciated by the Chinese, who value tradition.”

Come on Tina, a traditional “multigenerational visit?”

You can do better than that.

If not Tina, isn’t there at least one person in the White House who’ll ’fess up that this is just another Costa del Sol-style “private mother and daughter” excuse to indulge in a lavish spring vacation? Of course not. That’s why the White House claims the reason for this multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded excursion is for world ambassador Michelle Obama  to initiate a nonpolitical “people-to-people exchange.”

BTW, in the spirit of openness in this particular “people-to-people exchange,” if the people wanting to do the exchanging are the American press, that exchange is officially cancelled.

Spokespersons for the first lady maintain that the context of Mrs. Obama’s nonpolitical visit is quite different this time, because – are you ready?

“Throughout her time in the White House, she has been decidedly nonpolitical.”

Nonpolitical!?  This woman’s politics have touched upon everything from breastfeeding to pie-sharing, and  don’t try to find a Tater Tots in a school cafeteria.

Moreover, is the first lady aware that the United States is currently wrangling with China over trade, cyber weapons and, as always, human rights? U158P5029T2D595593F24DT20130602101251

In keeping things light, perhaps Michelle Obama can exchange high-end fashion tips and Michelle can get Peng Liyuan, China’s first lady to allow Michelle a workout of her famous biceps on the steel drums.

Next, America’s first lady can dine in the Forbidden City, visit the Great Wall, view the terracotta warriors, and take in the Walled City in Xi’an all in an effort to update the White House blog.

There. That should prevent an audit of this “official state visit.”

Because reporters are banned from relaying the real details of the China expedition, Mrs. Obama can do what she wants, promote the trip as something it is not, treat the American press the same way the press is treated in communist China, and be protected by publicly-funded government educational programs who’ll cooperate with her ruse that this is all about cultural exchange and virtual discussions.

Even though China is number one in academic achievement and America currently ranks #36 in reading, science, and math, Michelle’s hocus-focus will supposedly underscore the value of education to Chinese schoolchildren who, quite frankly, have done just fine without her advice.

FLOTUS will also be shilling for youth empowerment in communist China – a country whose apartheid-style household registration system classifies citizens according to place of residence and socioeconomic status, censors the Internet, officiates over forced abortions, seizes private property, suppresses religion, and sells prisoners’ organs.

Memo to Barack: Investigate selling prisoners organs, so we can plan that trip to New Zealand!

Are Americans really supposed to believe that Michelle Obama flew nearly 7,000 miles and will probably spend $7 million to spend seven days in China initiating ‘people-to-people exchanges?’  What does that even mean?  Or is Mrs. Obama, shameless elitist that she is, again exchanging the American people’s hard-earned money for her own extravagant amusement?

There is no need for the press to inform the public of what is so blatantly obvious:  Despite an extended 27 day-vacation in Hawaii in January, a ski trip to Aspen in February, and recent family-time weekend in Key Largo, Michelle Obama is now under the impression that she is entitled to an exotic trip to China at taxpayer expense.

Meanwhile, as the FLOTUS is on a “people-to-people exchange” in China, the money she continues to fritter away would be better spent by Americans struggling to survive and trying to figure out how to pay for the healthcare burden her husband has placed upon our shoulders.


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