Michelle’s Motto: ‘Sometimes the best time is to do nothing at all’

120429_michelle_obama_reuters_605-e1383318851637Originally posted at American Thinker.

There is a part of me that thought I was beyond being shocked by anything the high-living Obamas do.  Somewhere deep down I believed that these people had to have a modicum of conscience at their core. To be honest, I secretly felt that at some point the gross excess would become a bit embarrassing and the Obamas’ orgy of self-indulgence would ease up a bit. 

Boy, was I wrong.

Much to my astonishment, after chronicling all the travels and the affluent way of life enjoyed by the spoilt first lady, it turns out that while her husband was in Asia screwing up and eating $300 endangered blue fin tuna sushi, Michelle actually indulged in a secret spa weekend in Middleburg, Virginia.

If the second leg of her Hawaii vacation is counted as a separate trip, there would be Hawaii I and Hawaii II, Aspen, Key Largo, and China, with the Middleburg spa weekend being Michelle’s sixth getaway since the first of the year.

After 27 days in Hawaii (17 with family and an additional 10 at Oprah’s Maui Estate), a star-studded birthday bash, a State Dinner in a heated tent on the South lawn dressed in a $12K Carolina Herrera gown, skiing in Aspen for President’s Day weekend, bunking in an $8,400 per-night Presidential Suite in China for eight days, and Key Largo lodging at the Ocean Reef Resort ($35 million net-worth members only), Michelle apparently felt entitled to sneak away for some well-earned downtime at Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Virginia. 

The resort’s website reminds guests: “Sometimes the best time is to do nothing at all,” a motto both Michelle and her do nothing husband have apparently taken to heart.

Meanwhile, the American people continue to languish.  Millions are unemployed and on food stamps.  Thanks to Mr. Obama’s grand social experiment, affordability and access to healthcare has been severely impacted and many gravely ill people are in life-threatening straits.  Our nation’s economy is faltering, between January and March the GDP grew at .01%, war is on the horizon, and our military is being gutted, possibly undermining our ability to defend our nation against multiple aggressors. 

Despite all these dire circumstances, it seems as if bi-weekly America’s first lady and her subjects…er, I mean entourage of toadies, indulge in one taxpayer-funded excursion after another.

This time it was at the Salamander, where “All deluxe rooms have either an expansive walkout terrace or stone balcony, ideal for a country breakfast, evening cocktail or just relaxing,” spacious bathrooms with pedestal tubs, showers with body jets and LCD televisions, and “spectacular views of the beautiful Virginia countryside.”

While Barack Obama was busy pushing immigration reform in South Korea, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia were spotted in the lobby of the tony resort owned by multimillionaire team president/managing partner/governor of the WNBA’s Washington Mystics and original founder of the Black Entertainment Network (BET), Sheila Crump Johnson.

Giving new meaning to “some enchanted evening,” Foxcroft all-girls boarding school was at the resort making merry for its centennial when alumni and admitted big fan of Mrs. Obama Leigh Edgerton “locked eyes with the first lady on Friday evening.”

Edgerton said that “[Michelle] was walking through the lobby and everyone stood up and started clapping. She looked right at me and said, ‘Hi, everybody, I hope you’re having fun,’ and I raised my arms in the air and said with a big smile ‘I am!’” 

Having fun? Fun isn’t something most Americans are having right now!  Stood up and started clapping?  For what? Michelle’s talent for cultivating hostility and rage in a large portion of the American public?  How about the first lady’s complete disregard for a nation of desperate people barely managing to survive?

After the resort lobby walk-through Michelle was not spotted again until she was seen enjoying the Virginia countryside while lunching on a private terrace with a group of twenty grovelers…er, I mean people. 

Thanks to Leigh Edgerton we know where Michelle was on Friday night, and we also know where she was on Sunday around lunchtime, but where was the first lady all day Saturday while war was percolating in the Ukraine? 

Why, Michelle was wine-tasting. 

Seems John Kent Cooke (son of former Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke) closed the Boxwood Winery for a “private event.” On Saturday, posted on the Boxwood Winery Facebook page appeared a picture of an informally dressed first lady clad in khaki slacks, a patterned blouse, and a head scarf. The caption under the post read:  “Thank you Michelle Obama for visiting us today! We enjoyed hosting you and your wonderful friends!”

So there you have it; although not literally, I have been figuratively rendered speechless by Mrs. Obama’s continued insensitivity and cold indifference toward the hardships faced by millions of Americans who have been wronged by her husband’s ineptitude.

Whether Michelle, the haute couture-wearing woman who flaunts the extravagance she enjoys with regularity, is clueless, malicious, entitled, or just plain mean matters little. What matters is that America has two more years of enduring the callous spectacle of a self-interested first lady who, despite what she says, cares about no one and nothing but herself.

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