Kermit Gosnell’s son shot burglarizing a neighbor’s home

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The 22-year-old son of former late-term abortionist/convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell, Barron Alexander, was shot while allegedly burglarizing a West Philadelphia home.

Gosnell the elder is currently serving three life sentences for three murders and more than 200 counts of violating Pennsylvania’s abortion laws, which may be why his offspring preferred not to be identified with his father. To put distance between himself and the Gosnell label, young Barron recently changed his surname to Alexander.

With Kermit in jail and the cash flow cut off, Barron Alexander, has seemingly turned to criminal tendencies to keep the money flowing. That’s why, if convicted of robbery, burglary and aggravated assault, all of which he’s been charged with, Barron will follow in Dad’s footsteps to occupying a prison cell.

According to West Philly police, Alexander was critically injured after breaking a bathroom window behind a house at 7:00 in the morning. Clearly exhibiting a fearless nature like his father, who carried on performing illegal abortions for years, Barron set his sights on a house just two doors down from where he lived, and ironically just blocks from the abortion mill where his Dad snipped the spinal cords of living babies for money.

Capt. John Przepiorka of Southwest Detectives said that when Barron entered a home occupied by three roommates, “The resident screamed for help, a second male, a second resident from that property came to assist him.” Gosnell the younger was blasted two- to three times with a handgun.

After being shot, a bloodied Alexander stumbled out into the street where the critically-wounded son of the late-term abortionist collapsed. A folding pocketknife and a wallet belonging to one of Barron’s victims, along with a wad of cash, was found on the front steps of the home.

Mr. Alexander is listed in critical but stable condition and is expected to survive.


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