Pencil Protrusions and Other Presidential Protections

burstupdates-white-house-fence1Originally posted at American Thinker.

“Pencil protrusions” sound like something a post-menopausal Madonna might attach to the front of a leather outfit for shock value, but they’re not.   “Pencil protrusions” are the metal spikes being placed atop the fence around the White House as an “anti-climb” measure.

Seems 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is experiencing what the rest of the country is being purposely besieged with – unwanted visitors crossing onto private property without permission.

The difference between the White House and everyone else is that those in power get to reinforce their security measures while the rest of the peons, with the help of the man safely within the perimeter of the upgraded stronghold, are overrun with the types of individuals Obama’s spiky fence hopes to deter.

Surely those planning to reinforce the president’s home are aware that ISIS training camps are but a stone’s throw from the people who live in El Paso, Texas.  Yet instead of metal spikes keeping out those who want to decorate the nation’s landscape with American heads on spikes, thanks to Barack Obama, brutal terrorists have unencumbered access to 300 million prospective victims.

In other words, the People’s House gets a reinforced fence while the people who pay for that house are barely able to protect themselves from a tsunami-style offensive of illegal immigrants Barack Obama is beckoning enter in.

And while the “pencil protrusion” presidential protection proposition will surely bolster the safety of the house where Obama lives, the unabated influx of illegal aliens day after day poses a dire threat to the lives and wellbeing of every American living unprotected in a place without the luxury or security of a fortified barrier to safeguard them.

Do those who live within the shelter of the White House compound care that on the Texas-Mexico border a network of 1,000 cameras installed on ranches and farms have captured images of illegals with guns and drugs sneaking across a fenceless, defenseless southern border?

Apparently not, because every second of every day, all along the 1,200-mile largely-unsecured US border with Mexico, illegal immigrants, including ISIS fighters, MS-13 gang bangers and Mexican drug cartel members are making their way through the brush, over barbed-wire fences, and freely finding their way into the United States.

And as they do, rather than extend the kind of protection from intruders Barack Obama desires for himself, the president, protected by the double layer of fencing reinforced with pencil protrusions, spends his days coming up with inventive ways to provide the very lawbreakers he doesn’t want on his lawn open access to ours.

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