Obama’s Illegal Immigrants Endanger America’s Children

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As a “pencil protrusion” reinforcement is about to be placed on the top of the fence encircling the White House, far off on the other side of the enclosure an illegal immigrant from Guatemala was arrested for exposing himself to an eight-year-old girl in Pennsylvania.

The Obama DREAMer type spent the morning cruising Bensalem, a working-class community usually considered safe. When Juan Perez-Juarez approached a child outside her home and tried to entice her to get into his car, the little girl refused and told him that she wasn’t allowed go anywhere with him.

That’s when Juan emerged from the vehicle and exposed himself. Then, just like many illegal immigrants have done on America’s laws, Perez-Juarez disrespectfully urinated on the street.

Thanks to Barack Obama’s policies, with upwards of 200K illegal-alien criminals out of the shadows and roaming free, American neighborhoods where small children once played safely outdoors are now a thing of the past.

Apparently, predators like Juan Perez-Juarez have come to the conclusion that if unlawful entry into the U.S. guarantees them lucrative compensation in many forms, then maybe sexually gratifying themselves at the expense of small children could also be an permissible perk.

After all, Barack Obama has broadcast to the world that America’s immigration laws need not be a deterrent to those desiring to partake of the American dream he’s in the process of currently destroying.

In fact, if an immigrant comes to America illegally, the president’s response has been to supply them with benefits that reward rather than punish criminal actions and lifestyles. Regrettably for America, in the case of Juan Perez-Juarez, it appears as if molesting little girls was part of that lifestyle.

Thankfully, the little girl’s father confronted the fiend before he could snatch the man’s daughter and drive away. In response, the perpetrator jumped back into his vehicle and before speeding away proceeded to strike a pole.

A short time later the “unauthorized immigrant” was captured after crashing again, this time causing injuries to another driver.

So, on a lovely spring morning, as sun-kissed daffodils danced in the warm April breeze, a little girl playing outside her house was approached by an illegal alien whose idea of getting busy was to attempt to abduct a child, display his genitals, and, before crashing his car a couple of times, pee in the street.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, safely surrounded by the enormous iron spike-topped fence, Barack Obama was getting busy too.

In the president’s case he was busy concocting ways to extend amnesty to Perez-Juarez types as well as millions of other illegal aliens, many of whom have equally dubious objectives.

And what better way for the president to extend fairness than to grant amnesty to illegals which, in turn, will ultimately provide further opportunities for perverts like Juan Perez-Juarez to molest, rape, and potentially murder children playing in their front yards.

According to a Bucks County, Pennsylvania police officer, the miscreant who came dangerously close to doing a job on a child that decent, law-abiding citizens would never do, was arrested and charged with numerous counts of “child luring, indecent exposure, and traffic offenses.”

There’s still time, but thus far, since Perez-Juarez was taken into custody, Barack Obama has not yet chided the Bucks Country arresting officer for having “acted stupidly.”  Nor has he given the benefit of the doubt to the illegal immigrant community by offering to post the 10 percent of the $200,000 bail this particular DREAMer was unable to come up with.

So, at least for the moment, kids playing in their front yards are a teensy bit safer because Juan Perez-Juarez remains imprisoned in the Bucks County Jail.  But as long as Barack Obama remains entrenched in the White House working hard to ‘fundamentally transform’ America — nobody’s safe.

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