SOPHIE’S CHOICE PRESIDENT: How Obama Has Forced Americans to Choose Between Two Evils

Sophie3Originally posted at CLASH Daily.

In an effort to explain how it feels to be an American during the reign of terror we’re currently enduring, the disturbing Holocaust movie Sophie’s Choice comes to mind.

In the scene that inspired the title, a frightened Sophie, played by Meryl Streep, arrives at Auschwitz with her small son and daughter. While standing in line, a sadistic Dr. Mengele type approaches the woman and her two children and tells her that she must choose between the 10-year old boy and seven-year old daughter, one of whom will live while the other dies.

Pure terror washes over Sophie’s face as she realizes that if she doesn’t choose, both will die. Sophie hesitates, so soldiers confront her and force the decision. In response, Sophie swiftly hands over her daughter, who is carried crying to her death after being ripped from the arms of her sobbing mother.


The scene is so gripping it leaves the viewer with a terrifying image that it is hard to forget. Unfortunately, America today is strangely reminiscent in a symbolic way to that disquieting scene from Sophie’s Choice.

Just like the movie where Sophie was tricked into believing one child would live by a cruel Gestapo agent who knew that both children would eventually die, President Obama also preys on America’s survival instinct by presenting a multitude of fraudulent options.

By making Americans choose between an abominable evil and an even more abominable evil, Barack Obama has become the “Sophie’s Choice” president.

For example, Americans believe they have a choice on climate change; meanwhile Obama will likely capitulate to a plan wherein Americans will be paying reparations to poorer nations for bad weather purportedly resulting from our selfish and greedy energy use.

Likewise, Americans remain stalwart on the Second Amendment and most come down on the side that maintains the right to bear arms. But adherence to Constitutional fidelity matters little, because Barack Obama already knows that Americans who keep their guns will find ammunition scarce.

The same is true for healthcare reform. Obama and his Democrat lackeys forced their plan on America by portraying opposition to healthcare reform as callousness toward those in need of life-giving care. Instead, as things unfold, what we’re finding is that it is Obamacare that is callous to those in need.

Then there is the right to choose. Despite public shock and disapproval over aborted babies’ body parts being marketed, by quietly bestowing $1 million in grant monies upon the slaughterhouse that calls itself Planned Parenthood, Barack Obama verified that the right to choose isn’t about choice.

Just like Sophie fervently wished she were not in the position to have to decide which of her children lived and which one died, Americans would rather not be in a position to make a choice between illegal minors, illegal criminal felons, and ISIS fighters disguised as refugees.

The decision as to whom we want overrunning our nation and diluting our culture is not a choice any of us should be pressured to make. Moreover, if we reject Obama’s transformative voyage into Third Worldism, by continually upping the ante to worse and worse choices, Barack Obama displays a Gestapo-like style similar to what Sophie endured when hesitating to hand over a child. Choose or both die!

Here’s how Obama does it: In hopes of making bad options less unappealing, the president presents alternatives that are equally objectionable and tend to range from bad to worse.

For example, Obama has managed to put his detractors in a position where, in comparison to the ISIS militants that are about to be imposed upon our communities, the MS-13 gang members and “unaccompanied minors” with Enterovirus D-68 are now somewhat less appalling but a still-unwelcome alternative.

And it’s Obama alone who has done the choosing.

The truth is that like the tortured Sophie, America is being continually presented with dreadful options. It’s like asking a condemned man whether his preference is to be electrocuted or shot in the head. Either way, both end badly.

For Sophie Zawistowski, her consolation was the belief that she at least saved one of her children. But she was wrong. After the boy was separated from his mother and sent to a children’s concentration camp, it was stricken with a deadly epidemic, and Sophie’s choice ended up never being seen alive by his mother again.

A choice based on an empty promise, in the end, results in poor results for the chooser.

Sophie was in the line to Auschwitz; America is in a line that ends in lost liberty. And while milling around waiting to find out our nation’s eventual fate, what’s dawning on Americans in the meantime is that while we are being told to make a choice, in truth a choice with an adverse outcome has already been made for us.

That’s why if America doesn’t choose to get out of Obama’s line, what we thought could be saved by picking the lesser of two evils, like the object of Sophie’s Choice, will not survive.

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