Syrian refugees: ‘Trust not the horse’

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If one were to ask your everyday educationally challenged American what a Trojan horse is, the answer would probably include at least one reference to an equine-sized condom.

Conversely, on the Syrian-Turkish border, where ISIS militants are more interested in world domination than they are safe sex, soldiers of the Islamic State are well aware of the Trojan horse concept and are totally prepared to reprise the mythological scheme as a way to infiltrate enemy terrain.

In Greek mythology, the Trojan horse was introduced after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta.  During the legendary war that ensued, hidden inside a horse that was constructed by a master carpenter/warrior named Epeius, Greek soldiers were able to enter and overtake the city of Troy.

The Greeks deceived the Trojans by persuading them that the huge stallion was an offering to Athena and that by accepting an offering to the goddess of war, Troy would become impregnable.

Although the oracle Laocoon warned, “I fear the Greeks, even when bringing gifts…trust not the horse,” the Trojans chose to disregard wise counsel, fell for the ruse, and allowed the huge wooden structure inside the city gates.

During the night, the Greek warriors hidden in the belly of the beast crept out, opened the gates, and provided entry to the Greek army the Trojans falsely believed had abandoned the battle.

Brilliant plan!  Persuade the enemy that something is taking place other than what is actually taking place.  Then, after successfully using the ploy to storm the city gates, proceed to conquer, assault, and obliterate as many gullible Trojans as humanly possible – which is precisely the tactic that ISIS has publicly disclosed is part of its world domination strategy.

Sort of like a mythological deception involving Greeks and Trojans, one year ago, almost to the day, ISIS announced that they planned to smuggle fighters into Western Europe disguised as Syrian refugees.

The Trojan horse/troop infiltration stratagem may be the only thing that explains why, unlike any other refugee crises, 72 percent of the hard-to-determine-from-Middle Eastern “Syrian refugees” are male, while only 13 percent are women and 15 percent children.

Moreover, from a battle strategy point of view, the reason this sort of subversion may be necessary is because, according to U.S. intelligence sources, ISIS is fearful of tight security at airports.  Thus, the idea is to abandon hijacking planes and switch to ground-based terrorist attacks.

Funny: inciting chaos for an ulterior motive sounds a lot like Alinsky-style community organizing.

ISIS foments a crisis.  Then, militants cleverly fake being victims of a war they’re advancing by assuming the guise of refugees, thereby ensuring transportation directly onto a battlefield that would otherwise be inaccessible.  Hence, ISIS secures safe entry into the midst of the very people they plan to massacre.

Last year military intelligence sources also warned that if interspersed within a wave of refugees, it would be nearly impossible to catch ISIS terrorists.

That’s why a master carpenter need not build ISIS a fancy but deceptive form of transportation and why it won’t be necessary for representatives of the Islamic State to stow away in the gut of a wooden horse.  Instead, disguised as downtrodden victims of a bloody war, all ISIS soldiers have to do is look sad and mingle with Syrian-Kurds seeking European refuge.

Relaxed Syrian-Turkish border controls and a frenzied refugee crisis are a modern-day Trojan horse perfectly suited to accommodate ISIS.  According to encoded messages U.S. intelligence intercepted and unraveled, once inside Europe, soldiers of the Islamic state traveling around Europe with fake passports will be free to decapitate, blow up, and wreak holy havoc on those falsely persuaded that liberal-style benevolence somehow ensures domestic security.

Worse yet, despite ISIS publicly announcing plans to ride a Trojan horse all the way from Syria to Europe, and despite Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper’s “huge concern” that ISIS militants will infiltrate the U.S., Barack Obama still felt that the eve of September 11 was the perfect time to announce his plans to fly in 10,000 Syrian refugees for resettlement.

Then, adding insult to injury, after wolves in sheep’s clothing stream out of the belly of a U.S. military cargo plane, sort of like Sharon Tate being forced to feed and care for Charles Manson before he had his minions carve her up, Obama will likely require that American taxpayers provide a safety net for ISIS soldiers while they devise a game plan to remove our heads.

That’s right!  Barack Obama, who can always be counted on to do the opposite of what is best for America, actually plans to transport, deliver, and sustain unknown numbers of the very individuals who’ve made it quite clear that once they arrive in America, they’ll “drown all of [us] in blood.”

Scary as it is, this is not Greek mythology; this is reality.  For that reason, while there’s still time, secure the gates and the borders – and above all, “trust not the horse.”

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