Michelle Obama’s horrifying $4,000 Balenciaga boots

Published at American Thinker December 21, 2018

Recently, former first lady Michelle Obama closed out her money-grabbing “Becoming” a gazillionaire book tour of America at the Barclay Center in Fort Green, Brooklyn, where Michelle’s welcome was on a level comparable to Beyoncé’s.

After being introduced by an anorexic Sarah Jessica “Sex in the City” Parker, Michelle emerged from candy-pink curtains donned with what had to be 100 yards of blinding yellow tie-waist satin.  Then, before sitting down, the towering former FLOTUS applauded herself Hillary-style and feigned humility by crossing her arms across her chest, appearing shocked that so many dupes were willing to pay $3,000 for a ticket.

Quite frankly, when Michelle walked onto the Barclay stage, “The Banana Boat Song” by Harry Belafonte would have been more appropriate than being subjected to Alicia Keyes singing “This Girl Is on Fire.”  Nevertheless, and true to form, the biased media viewed the embarrassing spectacle Michelle made of herself as a fashion dream come true.

To make matters worse, complementing Obama’s yellow ensemble were thigh-high, gold-sequined twinkly boots that resembled footwear Elton John, in his heyday, would have been pleased to wear.

Kaitlyn Frey of People magazine gushed over Obama’s outfit, writing, “Introducing the First Lady of Fashun!  Michelle Obama just had a mic-drop fashion moment – leaving the Internet rejoicing.”

Speaking of first ladies, while the left-wing media salivates all over Michelle’s clown outfit, our classy, tailored, elegant current first lady, Melania Trump, continues to be ignored by a biased fashion industry that prefers to rave about Michelle dressed like a stand-in for Big Bird on Sesame Street.

Then there’s the whole $4K boot thing, which is surreal because it was Michelle Obama who continually harangued Americans that to get the things none of us wanted, we would have “to give up a piece of [our] pie so that someone else [could] have more.”

Now, it seems that the “someone else” who “has more”…is none other than Michelle.  And not for nothin’, as they say in Fort Green, Brooklyn – judging from the number of gold sequins covering her ample thighs, those Balenciaga boots have a whole lot of pastry packed into them.

Trust me, at $2,000 per kick, one boot could supply mucho pie to people both Shelley and her social justice warrior husband Barry continue to claim the rest of us aren’t doing enough to help.

Four-thousand-dollar boots aside, Mrs. Obama has spent most of her adult life fomenting racism, discussing inequality, and preaching that freedom in America is regulated based solely on skin color.  But now, post-White House, after filling armored cars with cash from stadium-sized book tour ticket sales, suddenly, Michelle feels obligated to defend her decision to wear “Knife Sequin Over-the-Knee Boots,” that stretch clear up to her crotch, with sentiments such as “Now, I’m free to do whatever.”

Excuse me, but Michelle is defending personal hypocrisy by citing freedom as an excuse for self-indulgent excess?

Wasn’t it Mrs. Obama who suggested that in America, a black woman could never be truly “free to do whatever”?  And isn’t it Michelle and her husband Barack who continue to make it their life’s mission to curtail, regardless of race, the freedom of others by imposing diktats on everyone but themselves?

As for the book that’s making her richer, after reading Mrs. Obama’s excruciating Princeton thesis, it’s hard to believe that the author of “Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community” is the one who penned her ad nauseam reiteration of her supposed hard-knock childhood in Chicago.  Except for the hateful musings about President Trump, neither is it believable that Michelle was the one who chronicled her racial suffering before and all the way through the time she woke up dressed in haute couture in a house built by slaves.

Nonetheless, and notwithstanding Barry’s ghostwriter Bill Ayers being unavailable for comment, thanks to a $65-million book advance, the Obamas’ multi-million-dollar Netflix contract, speaking engagements, and millions in tour ticket sales, “Lady O” was able to end her 12-stop 2018 book tour dressed in show-stopping $4,000 boots.

Finally, with the book tour out of the way, for the holidays, Michelle can hang up her Balenciagas, repurpose the canary yellow number, and prepare to head toward Hawaii for the annual Obama family $4-million getaway.  In the end, without those enormous boots taking up space in her suitcase, Michelle will have lots of room in her baggage to fit in her bad attitude, ungrateful outlook, racist perspective, disingenuous concern for the poor, and stacks of all her money.

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