Michelle Shines the ‘The Light She Carries’

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Six years out of office, and the Obamas still esteem themselves oracles of racial justice and authorities of truth concerning America’s flaws. As witnessed at the recent unveiling of the Obamas’ official White House portraits, in a photo taken in the Oval Office, both Barack and Michelle are positioned shamelessly front and center.

Still smarting from the reproof of 2016, the Obamas take any opportunity to publicly defame the character of the political outsider who upset the collective vision Barack hoped Hillary Clinton would set in stone – as well as the people who voted for him.

Quelling the pain of being rejected has spurred new and creative ways to tear down those who insulted the couple’s ego.  And so, in excerpts from a book entitled, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, Michelle licks her wounds and admits losing to Donald Trump in 2016, “still hurts.”

Michelle is employing that tried-and-true tool that both she and Barack masterfully exploit whenever they imply their opinion represents a national consensus. Under the guise of shedding light on hard times, a ‘lit up’ Michelle juxtaposes life lessons learned with slurs on Trump’s character.

Voicing her personal opinion as truth Michelle shares:

It shook me profoundly to hear the man who’d replace my husband as president openly and unapologetically using ethnic slurs, making selfishness and hate somehow acceptable.

Notwithstanding a huge bank account, fame and celebrity, why does Michelle still promote the idea that she and Barack are somehow victims of racism?  In excerpts from the book Mrs. Obama shares that Trump’s winning “[f]elt like something much uglier than a simple political defeat.”  Michelle Obama should recognize “ugly,” especially after her husband leveled eight years of accusations including racism, xenophobia, extremism, and terrorism against anyone who opposed his radical plan for America,

Obama expresses personal offense taken when she writes, “I couldn’t help but return to the choice our country had made to replace Barack Obama with Donald Trump. What were we to take from that?” Apparently, in the world the Obamas live in, everything is all about the Obamas.

Before spouting off, maybe Michelle should have applied her Harvard lawyering skills and figured out that after two terms, Americans were weary of failed policies, instigated global unrest, and were ready for the kind of fresh patriotism Trump brought to the nation.

As for “hate,” either this woman is completely deluded, or purposely insults the intelligence of every American that lived through Obama’s presidency. Wasn’t it Southside of Chicago Michelle who helped her husband stir racial unrest for two terms, and continues to do so today? Right from the get go, a petty FLOTUS exploited every situation as fodder to prove she is a victim of racial intolerance, including an absurd accusation leveled  toward a white woman in Target for asking the former First Lady to help her reach a high shelf.

Manipulative Michelle even utilized the trusty ‘best intention’ card, writing:

Barack and I always tried to operate on the principles of hope and hard work — choosing to overlook the bad in favor of the good, believing that most of us shared common goals and that progress could be made and measured, however incrementally, over time.

Yeah, sure.

About that “bad in favor of good” reference, lest we forget, both she and Barack have spent their entire adult life berating country, cops, Christianity, conservatives, Caucasians, and the American Constitution. As for “common goals and progress,” at last count, the racially fraught Obama conglomerate was worth $70,000,000. As for the rest of the nation, thanks to the reinstatement of  “share the wealth” policies, Americans grow poorer.

Then couched racial hatred in a disingenuous compliment, the former First Lady writes:

We’d tried to live those principles out loud, recognizing that we made it as far as we had despite, and maybe even in defiance of, the bigotry and bias so deeply embedded in American life. We understood that our presence as Black people in the White House said something about what was possible.

Someone really should ask Michelle to explain how, if “American life” has “bigotry and bias so deeply embedded,” is it possible that a “defiant” Black couple managed to make it all the way to the White House?

Michelle’s book also articulates how “It shocked [her] to hear [Trump] speaking about differentness as if it were a threat.” Wait! Isn’t “speaking about differentness as if it were a threat,” exactly how she and her husband amassed such fame and fortune?

Quarantined in an $8.1-million bunker during the pandemic, Michelle must have had a revelation about Trump, because to help readers ‘shine the light they carry’ she wrote this:

Stuck in the house over the frightening early months of 2020, I saw no logic to any of it. What I saw was a president whose lack of integrity was reflected in an escalating national death count and whose poll numbers were still decent.

What the woman who schooled America on prejudice doesn’t seem to recognize is that the same electorate that put “Black people” in the White House for eight years, supported a man in 2016 she describes as a murdering racist with zero integrity.  Before sharing deep thoughts, maybe Michelle should consider how the accusation that Americans have poor character judgement might reflect on the popularity both she and her husband still share?

Furthermore, without coming right out and saying it, the musings from Michelle’s excerpts insinuate she believes that without their presence in the White House, America regressed backward into racism. Or could it just be that the emphasis on skin color that reinforces the Obama brand doesn’t exist in America, and that decent poll numbers can sometimes hinge on something other than melanin?

At the end of the day, in another attempt to exact retribution upon a man elected by a nation that rejected Barack Obama’s effort to “fundamentally transform” all our lives, Michelle’s latest frank and honest dialogue is yet another example of Obama-style character assassination.


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