Obama’s Nefarious Narcissism


President Obama is unyielding in his “…pursuit of dominance and ambition,” comporting himself with an undeniable air of “egotistical grandiosity. Nevertheless, the president deserves more pity than censure.  Obama possesses impressive prowess as a politician, which has garnered him self-absorbed nurturing from a nation of sycophants who refuse to recognize a tortured man, “…excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, and prestige.”

Narcissists are aided, abetted and facilitated by four types of people and institutions: the adulators, the blissfully ignorant, the self-deceiving and those deceived by the narcissist.”

Classic narcissists lack compassion, are arrogant and disproportionately proud.  They present with excessive selfishness, ostentatious views of their own talent and have an insatiable craving for admiration.  Typically, the textbook narcissist over stresses personal deeds and abilities expecting credit for being superior based on accomplishments that are disproportionate to their demand for adulation.

Barack Obama shines when straddled between two Greek columns, amidst wafts of machine-generated smoke, skillfully orating to an adoring throng of 75,000.  Likewise, “the narcissistic leader prefers the sparkle and glamour of well-orchestrated illusions to the tedium and method of real accomplishments. His reign is smoke and mirrors, devoid of substance, consisting of appearances and mass delusions.” Invesco Field-like events, think Brandenburg Gate, infuse Obama with a shot of “excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation,” which for the narcissist, is like crack to an addict.

The emotionally secure grasp the enormity of high profile positions like, let us say, leader of the free world. “Two years in the U.S. Senate, seven years in the Illinois Senate, one loss in a primary election for the U.S. House of Representatives, one stirring keynote address at a Democratic National Convention and two best-selling books,” elevated Obama, in his own pretentious mind, to aspire to the most powerful position in world.   This type of self-promotion is indicative of someone who, “…demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievement,” fitting the paradigm of “megalomaniac delusions of grandeur” run amok.

Narcissists are usually people with a thin resume, having accomplished little prior to their ascendance.  They appear to have erupted on the scene from nowhere…received as providential messiahs …unencumbered with a discernible pasts…ostensibly unburdened by prior affiliations and commitments.

The president displays classic characteristics of a cerebral narcissist, possessed with “fame, fearsome power and omnipotence,” coupled with belief in his own “unequalled brilliance.”  Obam recently lauded himself as gifted, “deriving narcissistic supply from [his] intelligence and/or academic achievements.”

The Obama stratagem managed to beguile an adoring constituency, win a major election and catapult him to the presidency.

Given a high, enough level of frustration, triggered by recurrent, endemic, and systemic failures in all spheres of policy, even the most resilient democracy develops a predilection to “strong men”, leaders whose self-confidence, sangfroid, and apparent omniscience.

Barack Obama is on a self-ordained messianic mission, attempting to mend 200 years of what he believes, are severe American “injustices. “Narcissistic leadership often poses as a rebellion against the “old ways” – against the hegemonic culture, the upper classes, the established religions, the superpowers, the corrupt order.” Obama has pledged to level the playing field and vowed to single handily “change the world.”

The president travels the world flaunting self-righteous stances. He demonizes his predecessors and lionizes himself. “The Narcissist cannot regard humans, situations, entities, political parties, countries, races…he either idealizes his object – or devalues it.” Since January 20th, Obama has been involved in propping up his own presidency through the negative exploitation of the Bush years. Notably failing to diplomatically correct Hugo Chavez’s compliment, lauding him a “…intelligent man, compared to the previous president,” he welcomed as flattering, an uncouth remark toward an ex-president.

Barack Obama habitually and “predominantly focuses attention upon himself, to the exclusion of others,” which the DSM-IV, of the American Psychiatric Association defines as pathological narcissism.  At the Summit of the Americas, he endeavoured to endear global affection by befriending, “…special or high status people,” like brutal dictators Chavez and Ortega. In a room filled with our nation’s enemies, Obama narcissistically exempted himself while censuring America by saying, “I’m grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old.”

Narcissists tend to be “dogmatic, rigid and doctrinaire.” In a similar manner, Obama dampens, “free thought, pluralism, or free speech” if differing from his own.  For example, he dismissively ignored Americans vocalizing patriotic ideals and exercising First Amendment rights by attending Tea Parties.  When finally acknowledging the protesters, he did so in a derogatory fashion, referring to them as, “…folks waving tea bags around.” Obama blurts out off-the-cuff belittling statements, jolting even his sincerest devotees with the visible ire he exhibits toward political rivals. He also seems acutely ruffled by a “…certain news channel, on which he’s not very popular,” indicating palpable irritation toward their differing viewpoint.

Narcissists routinely exercise smug impatience by devaluing those they view as intimidating, because for them “every disagreement is criticism and every critical remark a…humiliating rejection – nothing short of a threat.”  Barack Obama too holds detractors in contempt and attempts to diminish their stature in order to minimize the impact of critical disagreement.  Narcissists exhibit classic cognitive dissonance acting “conspicuously, indignant, aggressive, and cold.”  Recently, while debating with colleagues Obama was “boastful and pretentious” glibly reminding subordinates that his tax policies prevail because, lest anyone forget, “He won!”

If challenged, Obama has a pattern of reacting in a top-heavy outrageous 24-hour news cycle manner. If the public seems defiant, Obama quickly asserts power by unapologetically inflaming large groups like the faith community denying foundational Judeo-Christian roots.  Flexing liberal political muscle, he appoints to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighbourhood Partnerships, gay activist Harry Knox.

Feeling judged for treating England’s Gordon Brown in a discourteous manner, Obama symbolically flips the proverbial bird and bows acquiescently to a Saudi King.  He desires correspondence with Ahmadinejad but is hesitant about meeting Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu.  Obama struts around with a conceited, in-your-face megalomaniacal egotism, which is “dictator like nature.” With every retort to incongruity, he swiftly reminds his critics who is the head rooster in the coop.

Narcissists exhibit imperious elitist tendencies and a pervading sense of entitlement because they deem themselves better than anyone else.  If unscripted, Obama’s true feelings come out. He languishes in the lavish lifestyle, which includes Air Force 1 shuttling he and Michelle to Chicago for Valentine’s Day.  In times of economic pressure, the common herd does not enjoy the same luxuries he benefits from, especially peons residing anywhere other than the top floor of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Cross Obama and a disturbing side of him may surface, dishing out curt responses and mocking public corrections.  What he wants, thinks and believes is what counts.  Do not preclude his decisions or expect him to do anything he does not want to do, from producing a birth certificate, to answering unscheduled questions at press conferences.  Barack Obama anticipates, international deference, recognition and admiration, even if the reputation of our nation diminishes as a result.

Focus America!  Like all egocentric self-promoters Obama, “is charming and extroverted. But the problem is that this doesn’t necessarily make [him] a better leader.

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  1. Theresa

    He was groomed by the “Bilderberg Group”; lest we forget them!!! Why does know one discuss them? The Trilataral Commission; CFR; The Rome Committee of 300; Skull & Bones….. It is any wonder that in his first 100 days he manages to bow to the King of Saudi; courtsy to the Queen; Hug Chavez AND play with Castro and his people!!! I am convinced that the “elitess” will succeed because “We the People” are zoned out, numbed out and seriously asleep!! Nutricide, Codex Alimentarius {Cloned beef at your grocery store very, very soon!!}…. Thank you Jeannie and Staff for your site and the thought provoking articles!! Kudos. Keep it coming perhaps on some level we can make some noise! God bless you and your endeavors!!

  2. Theresa

    It is like Know heres the word ……. BILDERBERG GROUP…. Jeannieology…. Do you dare?? You have thoughts on many seriously interesting subject regarding Obama….. BILDERBERG>>>>>> lets here something….

  3. denise

    (In the interest of not confusing people, I’ve given my first name instead of “da” – *lol!*)

    Anyway, this was a subject that was brought to my attention a couple of months ago, with the citation of Dr. Vaknin quoted specifically, as has been done here. However, upon researching the information, I found the “citations” very sketchy and dug further. The following is the journal I wrote about the subject – complete with my research citations…


    As always, my stance is that we can disagree on topic – and as applicable in your blog (just from recent experience 😉 ), my aim is to limit my response strictly to topic. 🙂

  4. My husband and I have been personally involved in the lives of leaders very much like the president…great giftings which deceive and blind the people around them to the fact that the their character is deeply flawed as they live their narcissistic double lives. To have one like this in the White House is truly a scary thing. Great post and I think you have him nailed exactly. I am not looking forward to seeing how mean he gets when the majority of the public start turning on him.

  5. ddland45

    Jeannie, I see you’re still not over the election. Pity. This is going to be a long 4-8 years for you. You speak of narcissism but I suspect you fit this description more than the president. Let’s see: lack compassion, thin resume, egotistical grandiosity, “predominantly focuses attention upon him(her)self, to the exclusion of others,” , “dogmatic, rigid and doctrinaire.” need I go on? I respect your right to your opinion, but I suspect that you have the intelligence to find more constructive ways to make your country and community better rather than wasting your time fighting battles that are already lost. Perhaps you have constructive and hopefully positive suggestions that you could give to your local or state GOP for how they should go about this “rebranding” process they’ve undertaken. What I’m trying to say is, this website is such a waste of time if all you’re going to do spend all your time calling the President names thinking you’re being taken seriously. Take care of all that pent-up conservative guilt and join the rest of us in a positive resolution of issues, okay?

  6. Queen

    If Obama is so horrible, then all of the worried, brave, conspiracy theorists need to be working their buns off to get him out of the white house. people are not so stupid. when presented with compelling truths, truth does shine through. but if all there is to grab onto and sink our teeth into are conspiracy theories (bilderberg, trilateral, cfr, and the like) and complicated name-calling (this article) which are just as empty and wanting as the double-life leading, narcissistic deceiver of a president you describe, then it is no wonder we have this horrible man in the white house. we allowed him to get there to a certain degree. the collective that are supposedly concerned with this issue are content to just blow hot air around, write blogs, and hope that the truth will get out there somehow. this is not organized fighting. this is not victory. i don’t buy into the extreme conspiracy and delusion. thanks for spouting off jeannie, but this is reminiscent of the same foolishness in reporting and documentation that keeps those who need to see the truth in the dark, believing in a lie, and living a fairy tale.

  7. John Ansell

    Great post Jeannie. I just wish the media would do their job and cover Obama’s scandal with the TRS scam in Illinois. I’ll put up some links showing how Obama scammed the teachers out of retirement money.

  8. If truth shined through according to “Queen” there wouldn’t be hysteria or confusion over Global Warming, water boarding, the war on terror, swine flu, Obama’s qualifications and motivation, ACORN, State Unions, The Housing Crash, Barney Frank, Socialism, The Iraq war…

    Wake up “Queen” your gonna be late for school…

  9. Isn’t it interesting that as recent as yesterday, President Obama referred to the White House as ‘The Obama White House’? In 100 days he seems to have completely forgotten ‘We the People’.

    It is so disheartening that rather than putting America first, he has continually put ‘The Obama agenda’ first, and the media has never failed to give him passage.

    This is a tremendous article with a clear and concise message: “In the current administration, We the People are dead- Long live King Obama.”

    Lastly, once again Liberals show their intolerance of differing opinions by attacking thoughtful writers… Free speech; Free thought… not.

    Liberalism is the politics of adolescents, and President Obama is behaving like a 7th grader left in charge.

  10. Ben

    For all of Obama’s narcissism and sense of superiority over the rest of us, his actions show that he is nothing but a petty politician who is merely the lapdog of George Soros. He is merely a tool of the truly narcissistic Soros who, as a child, thought himself to be a god and that all the world was made for him.

  11. Toni No Bologny

    Obama also has the Gamaliel to infiltrate our churches.

    Gamaliel is another powerful network of organizations and like ACORN, Obama worked there too:

    http://www.gamaliel.org/ – created as tax exempt arm of Contract Buyers League (combated and corrected the blatanly racial practice of forcing african americans into buying homes on contract at a time when financial institutions refused to make loans in redlined communities.

    This brochure mentions Saul Alinski and how his philosophy plays a roll in this organization. Page 4 of 4 “Alinski Legacy”

  12. denise

    *slightly* off-topic…

    …but this is something that is quite interesting (if read with the same “open-mindedness” anyone here would read from a “conservative” column). It’s on the long-ish side, and presents both positives and negatives, but is an American perspective on living as an expat in the Netherlands (Holland, for those who might otherwise be confused).


  13. Well written, Jeannie. I’ll add only that Obama’s success does it many ways confirms his power – he has good reason to be narcissistic. He has put himself in the most consequential seat of influence the world has ever known. He has the power to make history. He is very aware of that.

    He is also terribly dangerous, and sees in scoundrels..redemption. WTF? We all better be ready to stand up for what we believe – very soon we’re going to be tested. What are we willing to suffer to be free?

  14. Jan G

    BO has risen to power with the help of others who are using him as a tool, a front man for their agenda.. Seems like the agenda is to subvert our country from within and they have succeeded at installing one of their puppets to the most important position of power in the world. Now all of our secrets, domestic and foreign, are in the hands of a radical Marxist. He followed the rules for radicals and pulled the wool over the eyes of some very trusting, but ignorant Americans. So much should have alerted them to his anti-US, radical beliefs like when he didn’t cross his heart when the National Anthem was played, his statements about redistribution of wealth and on and on.. but the country was starry eyed and looking for an American idol, not so much a patriot for President. Hopefully we can open the eyes of those still unwilling to listen somehow. Those who defend BO with blind devotion will need to countered by others who are not afraid to speak up, tell the truth and defend the country. This is and always has been the best country on the face of the planet…. those immigrating here from Socialist and Communist nations will tell you that. Too bad there are so many (young people especially) that do not believe it and were taught in the classroom misinformation and lies about our history.. somehow we need to set the record straight and can’t back down.

    Thank you for doing your part and keep up the good work.

  15. denise

    This post is due to commentary from Chad. He basically made an accusation (to me) of trying to direct people to my writings in an effort to take away readership here, which is patently untrue…but that is neither here nor there. I mention this because – before I am asked why I’m posting SUCH a long-winded message here and why I didn’t just direct people to my own space to read this via a link – I can say truthfully that is exactly what I tried to do – which resulted in said accusation from Sir Chad.

    In this, I have not removed *anything* from my original writing – in which I express -and STRONGLY- that in the past, I have conducted similar research into commentary that contains language of character assassination toward politicians with whom I *disagree* as well…to include Dubya – just putting this out there before anyone jumps to any incorrect conclusions about my singling out Obama – of whom, by the way (though this hasn’t come up for discussion previously), I am ALSO extremely critical. He’s a politician…I’m going to be staunchly critical, yes.

    This journal was written on 15 March 09…the date that I received the herein quoted email (which is what makes this entry so very verbose).

    (I don’t know if html tags work in here…if they don’t, I apologize in advance.)


    Title: *heavy sigh*

    I detest propaganda. ANY propaganda.

    I don’t really care what the subject matter is on the table for review – be it a subject that I am “for” or “against” – for pete’s sake, maintain integrity. Please. I know there are subjects about which I have a lot of passion, and won’t hesitate to share my point of view…but prior to doing so, I try to confirm validity of information.

    Unfortunately…here AND in other places, people don’t bother with things like honesty in dissemination of information. This is nothing new, of course…history is replete with spreading of misinformation and propaganda – by its very design intended to stoke emotions and actions. Most people don’t bother to verify the truth beneath information, and the aftermath that this lack of critical questioning and thinking has spawned, historically, often has been horrific. One example, off the top? Can we say…the Holocaust?!?!

    Now, I can disagree with someone politically. I can disagree vehemently, come to it…but if the information is accurate, then the job of the critical thinker is to counter information with more correct information. In politics…particularly coupled with media bias…this practice can be difficult at best. This was true decades ago, and it is true today.

    For example, there is a lot of misinformation out there about Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Dubya. I know this – and even when I read something that sounds plausible (especially when it lines up with my private feelings), research and verification of information is important…especially if it lines up with my private feelings. I’m not free of bias, nor will I pretend to be. If something sounds too close to my personal biases, it becomes especially important for me to ensure that I’m not spreading something just because I WANT to believe it’s accurate – that may be factually incorrect. The practice of adequate research and truth in representation of information transcends politics, religion, philosophy, and academia. In the search for truth, all personal bias MUST be shelved.

    Soooo. Today. I received an email. I almost deleted it, given that while I love the person from whom I received it, she and I disagree strongly in politics. However, the title of the email caught my curiosity…since the subject of narcissism is one that I’ve delved into before in different contexts. So I went ahead and read the email:

    “A very interesting view on Obama from Dr. Vaknin”
    (with the comment: “I have googled this man and found that he does exsist and seems to be extmely knowledgeble in Narcissism. It is interesting to see his expert view point.”…lending an attempt at credibility, but revealing a lack of actual research for validity.)

    “Samuel Vaknin, Ph.D.

    Dr. Vaknin has written extensively about narcissism.

    I must confess I was impressed by Sen.Barack Obama from the first time I saw him. At first I was excited to see a black candidate. He looked youthful, spoke well, appeared to be confident – a wholesome presidential package. I was put off soon, not just because of his shallowness but also because there was an air of haughtiness in his demeanor that was unsettling. His posture and his body language were louder than his empty words.
    Obama’s speeches are unlike any political speech we have heard in American history. Never a politician in this land had such quasi “religious” impact on so many people. The fact that Obama is a total incognito with zero accomplishment, makes this inexplicable infatuation alarming.
    Obama is not an ordinary man. He is not a genius. In fact he is quite ignorant on most important subjects. Barack Obama is a narcissist.
    Dr. Sam Vaknin, the author of the Malignant Self Love believes “Barack Obama appears to be a narcissist.”
    Vaknin is a world authority on narcissism. He understands narcissism and describes the inner mind of a narcissist like no other person. When he talks about narcissism everyone listens.
    Vaknin says that Obama’s language, posture and demeanor, and the testimonies of his closest, dearest and nearest suggest that the Senator is either a narcissist or he may have narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

    Narcissists project a grandiose but false image of themselves. Jim Jones, the charismatic leader of People’s Temple, the man who led over 900 of his followers to cheerfully commit mass suicide and even murder their own children was also a narcissist. David Koresh, Charles Manson, Joseph Koni, Shoko Asahara, Stalin, Saddam, Mao, Kim Jong Ill and Adolph Hitler are a few examples of narcissists of our time. All these men had a tremendous influence over their fanciers. They created a personality cult around themselves and with their blazing speeches elevated their admirers, filled their hearts with enthusiasm and instilled in their minds a new zest for life. They gave them hope! They promised them the moon, but alas, invariably they brought them to their doom.
    When you are a victim of a cult of personality, you don’t know it until it is too late. One determining factor in the development of NPD is childhood abuse. “Obama’s early life was decidedly chaotic and replete with traumatic and mentally bruising dislocations,” says Vaknin. “Mixed-race” marriages were even less common then. His parents went through a divorce when he was an infant (two years old). Obama saw his father only once again, before he died in a car accident. Then his mother re-married and Obama had to relocate to Indonesia, a foreign land with a radically foreign culture, to be raised by a step-father. At the age of ten, he was whisked off to live with his maternal (white)grandparents. He saw his mother only intermittently in the following few years and then she vanished from his life in 1979. She died of cancer in 1995″.

    One must never underestimate the manipulative genius of pathological narcissists. They project such an imposing personality that it overwhelms those around them.

    Charmed by the charisma of the narcissist, people become like clay in his hands. They cheerfully do his bidding and delight to be at his service. The narcissist shapes the world around himself and reduces others in his own inverted image. He creates a cult of personality. His admirers become his co-dependents.

    Narcissists have no interest in things that do not help them to reach their personal objective. They are focused on one thing alone and that is power. All other issues are meaningless to them and they do not want to waste their precious time on trivialities. Anything that does not help them is beneath them and do not deserve their attention.
    If an issue raised in the Senate does not help Obama in one way or another, he has no interest in it. The “present” vote is a safe vote. No one can criticize him if things go wrong.
    Those issues are unworthy by their very nature because they are not about him.
    Obama’s election as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review led to a contract and advance to write a book about race relations. The University of Chicago Law School provided him a lot longer than expected and at the end it evolved into, guess what? His own autobiography! Instead of writing a scholarly paper focusing on race relations, for which he had been paid, Obama could not resist writing about his most sublime self. He entitled the book Dreams from My Father. Not surprisingly, Adolph Hitler also wrote his own autobiography when he was still nobody. So did Stalin. For a narcissist no subject is as important as his own self. Why would he waste his precious time and genius writing about insignificant things when he can write about such an august being as himself?
    Narcissists are often callous and even ruthless. As the norm, they lack conscience. This is evident from Obama’s lack of interest in his own brother who lives on only one dollar per month. A man who lives in uxury, who takes a private jet to vacation in Hawaii, and who has raised nearly half a billion dollars for his campaign (something unprecedented in history) has no interest in the plight of his own brother. Why? Because, his brother cannot be used for his ascent to power.

    A narcissist cares for no one but himself. This election is like no other in the history of America. The issues are insignificant compared to what is at stake.
    What can be more dangerous than having a man bereft of conscience, a serial liar, and one who cannot distinguish his fantasies from reality as the leader of the free world?
    I hate to sound alarmist, but one is a fool if one is not alarmed.
    Many politicians are narcissists.. They pose no threat to others…They are simply self serving and selfish.
    Obama evidences symptoms of pathological narcissism, which is different from the run-of-the-mill narcissism of a Richard Nixon or a Bill Clinton for example. To him reality and fantasy are intertwined. This is a mental health issue, not just a character flaw.
    Pathological narcissists are dangerous because they look normal and even intelligent. It is this disguise that makes them treacherous.
    Today the Democrats have placed all their hopes in Obama. But this man could put an end to their party. The great majority of blacks have also decided to vote for Obama. Only a fool does not know that their support for him is racially driven. This is racism, pure and simple. The downside of this is that if Obama turns out to be the disaster I predict, he will cause widespread resentment among the whites. The blacks are unlikely to give up their support of their man. Cultic mentality is pernicious and unrelenting. They will dig their heads deeper in the sand and blame Obama’s detractors of racism. This will cause a backlash among the whites.
    The white supremacists will take advantage of the discontent and they will receive widespread support. I predict that in less than four years, racial tensions will increase to levels never seen since the turbulent 1960’s. Obama will set the clock back decades…America is the bastion of freedom.
    The peace of the world depends on the strength of America, and its weakness translates into the triumph of terrorism and victory of rogue nations. It is no wonder that Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, the Castrists, the Hezbollah, the Hamas, the lawyers of the Guantanamo terrorists and virtually all sworn enemies of America are so thrilled by the prospect of their man in the White House.
    America is on the verge of destruction. There is no insanity greater than electing a pathological narcissist as president.”


    Yes, I read it in its entirety, and decided to go straight to Snopes …and the more I read, the more irritated I got. Why? Read that first sentence of this journal again: I detest propaganda. ANY propaganda.


    The person from whom I received this email worked in the field of education for decades, and is a VERY dear friend of mine. To say the least, I was extremely disappointed that no attempt by her to verify this email was made prior to re-disseminating it. So, I responded accordingly:


    “This is one of the most misleading emails I’ve seen circulating the Internet recently. Yes, Dr. Vaknin exists (http://samvak.tripod.com/) and has written about narcissim (http://www.amazon.com/Malignant-Self-Love-Narcissism-Revisited/dp/8023833847) – and even wrote an article suggesting that Obama “appears to be a narcissist” (http://samvak.tripod.com/obama.html)…but he did NOT write this article. This article was written by one Ali Sina (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Sina_ex-Muslim), writer for faithfreedom.org (http://www.faithfreedom.org/obama.html) – an organization dedicated to criticism of Islam (http://www.faithfreedom.org/about/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faith_freedom).

    This is verifiable on Snopes (http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/vaknin.asp) – within which is stated that he is not a mental health professional (in other words, NOT a diagnostician) – and that “only a qualified mental health diagnostician can determine whether someone suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and this, following lengthy tests and personal interviews.”

    Sounds to me like someone with a categorical and extreme desire for character assassination created this particular email. Particularly when we put out the VERY STRONG reminder that Obama is not muslim or a member of the Islamic faith.

    A little bit of critical thinking is required for propaganda like this.

    And as an interesting sidenote point, the “brilliant” Ali Sina ALSO happens to believe that Islam is not a religion, but a political movement. I’m sure there was no personal bias in the article HE wrote being incorrectly attributed to Dr. Vaknin.


    Yeah, I conducted similar research on other people, including Dubya…and Oliver North…and all sorts of people about whom misinformation is disseminated. Regardless of my personal views, truth in information should be an aim…NOT character assassination based on what anyone WISHES to be true about a person they dislike.”

    Sometimes this requires A LOT more than a quick google search…

    Here’s an idea for EVERYONE…try researching and actually reading…

    I KNOW!!!…novel idea!

  16. jeannieology

    Metal…I have to ask just for my own protection how do you mean “incredible” the last few days that could mean positive or negative…LOL.

    If its positive thanks for the compliment…if its negative — I guess thanks for the compliment again — thanks for visiting my site.


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