American Thinker. October 3, 2009 – The Sullied Savior Blames Bush

obama saviour

The Sullied Savior Blames Bush


  1. Hi Jeannie,

    I read this article on American Thinker today. Excellent stuff. I searched for an email address for you to no avail. I am the Editor in Chief for Fresh Conservative, a conservative political site, which is rapidly growing. We’ve been featured on the Michael Savage Show, USA Today, WorldNetDaily, Politico, amongst others. At Fresh Conservative we are gathering some of the brightest conservative minds to become contributors. I’d like to extend that invitation to you Jeannie. We try to recruit “real” Americans, not politicians or talking heads. Our contributors own their content, and have the right to post it wherever, whenever they want. We stake no claim to your materials, other than posting it for the world to see. We’d love to have you on board. Stop by and give the site a “once-over” and tell me what you think. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


    Brett Tatman
    Editor in Chief
    Fresh Conservative

  2. Obama believes that he is the Messiah that will save America form all it’s problems. Obama will blame President Bush for the Economy, War and Olympics as long as socialist media allows him to use President Bush for his own policy failures.This arrogant Snob will never take responsability for anything that will tarish his image.

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