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“From my perspective it is important for the next president of the United States to be honest and sincere and trustworthy given what’s happened with Bush over the last seven years.” In 2008, those words came from Democrat presidential hopeful John Edwards, self-righteously placing his “honest, sincere and trustworthy” self high above faithful husband, scandal-free father to two legitimate daughters, George W. Bush.

Democrats have a propensity to compartmentalize morality and an uncanny ability to separate marital fidelity from political dependability.  Dishonest, insincere and untrustworthy candidates like John Edwards seem to have no problem promoting themselves as bastions of moral fiber on the political stage, while when offstage guiltlessly participating in adulterous sex, lies, and starring in a pornographic video.

Three years after mischaracterizing George W. to exalt himself, prideful John Edwards has fallen and fallen hard.  Captured cavorting on a sex video with a videographer, the guy with the great hair is being “exposed” for who he really is.

Presently, John Edward’s mistress and mother of his out-of-wedlock daughter Quinn is legally battling former Edwards aide Andrew Young for ownership of a sex video.  Young claims he found the sleazy video in a pile of trash abandoned by Rielle in a home he rented.  Hunter, adept at working both sides of the camera, wants the affectionate family pictures returned to her possession.

Andrew Young, who knew about Edwards’ affair with the charmingly cheerful Rielle, agreed to pretend paternity of Quinn to cover for the aspiring presidential candidate.  Upon discovering the sordid video, Young decided at that time he might need it to verify a forthcoming hardcover exposé of nice, wholesome guy Edwards.

“In ‘The Politician,’ Andrew Young – the aide who once claimed Edwards’ love child was his – says the ambitious ex-senator stopped at nothing to hide his indiscretions, including urging his girlfriend to abort their child.”

Rielle, the hunter, voraciously goes after what she wants.  The videographer started an adventure with Edwards in 2006, one year prior to Edwards exposing George W. Bush’s supposed moral turpitude.  Ms. Hunter was hired by Edwards’ PAC to “shoot behind-the-scenes” video as John was preparing his second bid for the White House. John soon found out how “behind-the-scenes” Rielle was willing to go with that video camera.

Months before posing for a GQ photo shoot “wearing only a man’s button-down, white shirt, a string of pearls and panties,” the very private Rielle Hunter had already “started her legal battle against Young.”   Ms. Hunter’s lawyers claim Young didn’t find the trashy video in the garbage, but rather “surreptitiously” removed the illicit contraband from a “fur-lined hat box where she kept her passport, childhood photographs and other personal items.”

The Youngs, under court order, recently turned over the controversial video, which is presently in the custody of the court.  However, the love chronicle is now complicating matters beyond the question of ownership.   Among other things, the issue of profits has also been raised.  If the “private and personal” video eventually follows in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson and finds its way to the Internet, the question arises: who profits from the sex video if it goes viral?

Hence the “Edwards Exposé” continues.  In the next chapter, the mistress of an all-American disgraced ex-U.S. Senator from North Carolina legally wrestles pornography from the court’s custody so that if and when the seedy video becomes public, any profits rightfully go to star-crossed lovers Rielle and Johnny, who are both “honest, sincere,” and above all, “trustworthy.”

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