wants their president back – and they can have him

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Does America remember the Greek columns, the cheering crowds, the weeping, and the heartfelt emotion of “Yes we can?”  What remains are crumbled columns and the echo of Obama’s voice reverberating off the walls of an empty room. The crying continues, but for reasons other than ecstatic joy. On the left, and even in the middle, hope and change has officially morphed into panic and disillusionment.

Barack Obama’s approval rating has dropped below the dreaded 40%.  The President has slid to a whopping 39%. In order to sink to the depths of George W. Bush’s level of national disapproval, obviously more than Tea Party activists are objecting to Obama’s job performance.

On the right Obama is too liberal, on the left not liberal enough. Just shy of two years in office, left-wing political action group members have been folded into a throng consisting largely of dissatisfied right-wingers.

Apparently, MoveOn wants their “progressive president back.” In an email from MoveOn organizer Nita Chaudhary, she told members, “I miss that guy,” voicing the left’s concern that Obama is “going all moderate on his supporters.”’s concern is that Barack Obama plans to give millionaires a bailout in the form of tax cuts. The activist soldiers of liberal progressivism were told by Chaudhary that “In the wake of the election, it’s more crucial than ever that President Obama stand up for progressive change. But instead he’s considering giving in to GOP demands for a tax bailout for the rich. We need the bold, progressive Obama we elected in 2008 back-and we’ve got to send him that message.”

The MoveOn website says: “This [2% tax cut] is the worst idea since-well, ever. To show just how bad, we’re going to collect 1 million reasons that a millionaire bailout is a bad idea.”

In an attempt to send a message to the President, MoveOn’s webpage is encouraging over 5,000,000 online members to mimic America’s Funniest Videos and record a video message encouraging the double-minded president to ditch the idea to extend the Bush tax cuts.

MoveOn is determined to Move Obama On, so much so that the political action group plans to air the best videos on national television.

Based on what is already posted on the website, liberals are amazed that Obama isn’t listening.  Question: When MoveOn was busy touting the grandeur of Barack Obama, didn’t anyone notice that “listening” is one of the many skill sets the man lacks? can give it the old college try and make millions of messages to send to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where, with a 39% approval rating, the President should be wrapping personal items in bubble wrap for the move back to Chicago.  Instead, aurally impaired Obama is likely convincing himself that John Zogby is either dyslexic, or accidentally transposed the poll numbers from 93% to 39%.

Either way – one million videos or no videos at all – the left is poised to be disappointed about the issue of Bush tax cuts.  MoveOn is about to learn that one thing can be counted on for sure:  If an opinion is by the people, it’s all but guaranteed that America’s politically deaf president will always choose the opposite policy.

Nevertheless, Tea Party activists and members will soon be in total agreement that when it comes to listening, Barack struggles with an auditory affliction. Thus, the President can chalk up one stunning accomplishment to his short list of achievements. For the first time, the extreme left has joined the right as those not included in the 39% still approving of Barack Obama.

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