OPINION ‘The World’s Smallest Baby’ has lesson for Amy Brenneman

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amy-brenneman2Of late, abortion advocates like activist, actress, and self-proclaimed progressive Amy Brenneman are trying to convince themselves, as well as gullible women, that killing offspring is as benign an activity as getting a pedicure.

Brenneman said she spoke out about her abortion because the “light of community and shared experience” dispels shame. Apparently, Amy, ‘who has never not for one moment, regretted her abortion’ is of the opinion that being unwanted is worse than being dead and that wantedness is the determining factor as to whether an unborn child gets to live, or ends up dying.

If given the chance to speak, nine-month-old Emilia Grabarczyk would likely disagree with Amy.

Delivered by emergency caesarean section in the German city of Witten at 25-weeks, Emilia, weighing in at just 8-ounces, puts a face on the life Ms. Brenneman bragged in Cosmopolitan magazine she lackadaisically disposed of in a “clean and respectable” abortion clinic 31-years ago.

At just 8 inches, or 22 centimeters long, Emilia is believed to be the “world’s smallest baby” ever to survive such an early delivery. At the time of her birth, Emilia weighed no more than a “bell pepper” and her tiny, inch-long feet were the size of one of Amy Brenneman’s perfectly manicured fingernails.

At 25 weeks, a healthy baby in its mother’s womb typically weighs about a pound and a half. Because Emilia’s mother Sabine’s placenta was not nourishing her unborn child, at 25 weeks, the baby girl’s birth weight was equivalent to a baby 19 weeks in utero. In fact, on the day she was born, Emilia was almost half the weight of babies that are routinely aborted at 22 weeks.

Rather than discard or leave her to die, German pediatricians, gynecologists, and pediatric surgeons saved Emilia’s life. And despite her minuscule size, just like many babies born alive in botched abortions, Emilia was in good health. At just 12 ounces, she even survived abdominal surgery.

During the six months following her birth, her parents and her doctors were unsure whether or not Emilia Grabarczyk would live and questioned if she did survive, whether she would be plagued with lifelong hyperactivity and learning difficulties.

Currently, 9-months-old, Emilia shows no visible signs of disability. The miracle baby weighs 7 lbs.-2 ounces, and, according to doctors, seems to be growing stronger with each passing day.

Head of the Children and Youth Clinic at St Mary’s hospital, Dr. Bahman Gharavi described Emilia’s birth as exceptional. Gharavi said: “Even children with a birth weight of 14 ounces rarely survive. We have to thank Emilia as well for her own survival. She is a little fighter.”

According to her mother’s obstetrician Dr. Sven Schiermeier, over the past 9-months, “There were many difficult days and many tears, but [Emilia] clearly wanted to survive…[and]… in recent weeks she is getting more robust.”

Meanwhile, in the name of choice, every day two-dozen late-term babies are scraped into red biohazard bags and dragged to an incinerator similar to the one Amy Brenneman’s son or daughter probably occupied more than three decades ago.

Nonetheless, what we learn from Emilia’s story is that contrary to actress Amy Brenneman’s taciturn attitude toward the value of her own child’s life, and despite a small size and questionable ability to survive, the right to life is not measured by whether or not a woman wants a child, but rather, by a God-given will to live.

In the end, feisty Emilia Grabarczyk’s existence sends a message to prochoice/#shoutyourabortion types like ‘responsible family planner’ Amy Brenneman who, after her abortion, breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I get my life back!”

To ‘get her life back’ Amy Brenneman is proud that she forfeited the life of her child who, Emilia Grabarczyk has proven if given the choice, would have struggled to live.

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