A Cocktail ‘Coup’ in the East Village

Originally posted at American Thinker.

Located in the Manhattan’s East Village, the anti-Trump resistance now has a chic “protest-themed” place to seek adult libation.  A small, intimate venue done up in brown and blue, Coup is an up-to-the-minute watering hole owned and operated by liberals who claim everyone is welcome, but whose sole purpose is to appeal to progressives who have a strong aversion to President Trump and his policies.

“A coup, or more formally, a coup d’état, is generally defined as a seizure of a state by members of the military, or other figures high-up in a national government,” which makes one wonder how the name applies to pickled progressives on bar stools crying in their beer because they lost an election.

Nevertheless, until the 45th President of the United States is back in Trump Towers for good, if thirsty members of the resistance need a place to vent their frustration they can “#drinkwithpurpose” @coupnyc.

This particular protest pub is a creation of Ravi DeRossi who, besides claiming to be uninvolved in politics until Trump was elected, runs 15 New York City bars and well-known eating establishments such as Death & Co., Amor y Amargo, and Mother of Pearl.

When not opening bars, Ravi spends time contemplating “environmental waste and factory farming.”  In 2015, to cope with the stress of a terminally ill rescue cat, the saloon mogul started a journal that turned into a manifesto on life and determined how his businesses would henceforth be run.

And so, it was journaling about Simon that convinced the all-in vegan animal rights activist to evict meat from all his eateries.

Then, just like he did when his cat passed away, in 2016, after Donald Trump won the election, DeRossi became depressed and “traumatized.” In response, once again, Ravi’s “moral conscience” kicked in.

Looking for a way to effect change, the bar owner said, “I couldn’t sit at home and sulk. I wanted to do something more positive.”  So, after brainstorming night-after-night with two colleagues at Amor y Amargo the idea was born to protest the new president by selling drinks in support of killing the babies and saving the whales.

Ravi partnered with mixologist Sother Teague, whose handle on Twitter is @Creativedrunk, and head Coup bartender Max Green. To alleviate post-election trauma, the trio decided to use the money raised from selling cocktails made with charitable spirits to fund progressive/left wing organizations that liberals fear will be defunded by a certain teetotaler named Trump.

To encourage drink donations, at Coup, resistance-themed posters written on butcher paper decorate the walls. Having no meat to wrap in the butcher paper, the wall hangings are fitting for an establishment whose beverage profits support abortion.

Coup signs say things like: “The power of the people is stronger than the people in power,” “No, you cannot take my rights, I’m still using them” and “The pilgrims were undocumented.”

The problem with this sort of liberal opinion is that the strong power of the people is the very thing that elected the powerful person Coup patrons are buying drinks to protest. Moreover, the rights in jeopardy are not the rights of those buying charity cocktails at Coup, nor is it valid to justify modern day illegal immigration by citing “undocumented” pilgrims who arrived in America as pioneers when this land was an unsettled wilderness void of laws or need for documentation.

Either way, despite the inexactitudes of cool wall posters, with every drink purchased patrons are given a wooden token.  Non-drinkers can also purchase a round of tokens for $5 each.  Activists are encouraged to drop what’s left of the tree that lost its life into six recyclable jars that are designated for an assortment of supposedly nonprofit groups.

In other words, Coup approves of killing trees to make tokens that make a statement about saving trees.

There are jars for left-wing outfits like the legal arm of political correctness the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a conservation group called Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) who defend planetary wildlife, but not planetary human life, and of course the puppy kindness police, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Also in the lineup is Human Rights Watch.  HRW is the ombudsman group that has done nothing for the humans denied the right to life by baby body part chop shop Planned Parenthood which also has its name emblazoned on one of the glass receptacles.

According to Ravi, after labor, liquor, and ‘other expenses’ are covered and based on the number of tokens dropped into each, the bar’s profits will then be divvied among the jars.

So, in other words, what goes on at Coup appeals and makes sense mostly to politically intoxicated liberals.

One inscription even reads: “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

Don’t liberals know that the seed sentiment completely negates and undermines the purpose of having abortion rights jars to collect tokens? How can Coup fund raise to kill seeds of life growing within the womb while simultaneously identifying with the political power of political seed growing and developing into a living movement?

In the end, thanks to the Coup, irate extremists in support progressive causes needn’t fly to Berkeley to oppose the likes of Ann Coulter exercising her First Amendment rights, nor bloody their knuckles at a Trump rally.  Instead, members of the bitter resistance can come to an “activist bar” in NYC where “cocktails with a conscience” mix-it-up with the already confused.

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