Mama Obama’s Half-Century Birthday Gift: A Vacation!

Originally posted at the Blacksphere It’s generally agreed that Michelle Obama loves to vacation, and vacation she does. Rumor has it that during the president’s first term, the First Lady spent a total of $10 million on vacations. What we do know is that on more than one occasion, with …

Obama at Martha’s Vineyard: Fried Oysters and Fried America!

Originally posted at The Blacksphere Not surprisingly, just like he disregards the US Constitution, Barack Obama disregards the Michelle-dictated menu and eats whatever he wants. Even if he appears to obey, we all know that the whole healthy lifestyle deal is a ruse anyway, orchestrated by self-appointed “Let’s Move!” guru …

Obama ‘In the Morehouse’

Nevertheless, winding down with a “House”-ful of Is, the president explained that his success didn’t result from “Ivy League degrees or SAT scores or GPAs,” — none of which anyone has ever gotten so much of a glimpse of. Instead, according to Obama, his achievements hinge on his “sense of connection[,] … empathy,” and the obligation he feels to the black community as a black man proud of his Irish ancestry.

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