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Despite the state of the American economy and the President telling already cash-strapped Americans they have to “get used” to paying $5 a gallon for gasoline, Michelle showed support for America’s garment industry by frolicking about in a costly The Row collection skirt.

Last week, before the air traffic control/mid-air/runway brouhaha, Michelle Obama emerged on ‘The View’ in a skirt designed by ‘Full House’ stars and twin clothing designers Ashley and Kate Olsen. “Mrs. Obama, who appeared on the show with Jill Biden, teamed the pale grey pleated Evelyn skirt, worth $1,170 with a cream V-neck and kitten-heel shoes.”

Including accessories, the cost of the breezy morning-talk show ensemble was likely a tick above the $2,000 mark.  In spite of this, economically taxed Americans should go easy on Michelle, because just like her husband, at the core of all that she does is a desire to help make the American Dream a reality for the little people – like the diminutive Ashley Olsen, who once shared that “She would love to see Michelle wear one of her designs.”

Thanks to the bounteousness of Mrs. Obama, the $100 million sitcom sister team had “a dream come true” when Michelle visited Whoopi, Barb, Joy, Liz, and Sherri bedecked in Olsen designed haute couture.

Michelle and BFF Jill Biden chatted with the ladies of ‘The View’ about “Joining Forces,” the “new initiative to help military families.”  Initially one would think that with the rate of pay that military families subsist on, Michelle flitting about in designer duds while speaking on behalf of “helping military families” was almost as insensitive as bagging groceries at a food bank shod in $540 sneakers.

But who knows, maybe MObama’s true motive for wearing Lanvin sneakers while volunteering at a food pantry was simply an attempt to relate to the homeless, hungry, secondhand-wearing soup kitchen patrons and conveying a message, by way of fashion, to the down-and-out that occasionally even a First Lady is forced to humbly wear sneakers.

With each outfit change, it’s becoming increasingly evident that concern for the public may be the driving force behind Mrs. Obama’s reputation as a style icon. More and more Michelle’s chic clothing choices can be traced directly to the theme of a high-profile cause.

Take for example the Tory Burch Connell gardening boots at $500 a pair – those are clearly about healthy eating; a $2,500 secondhand vintage Christmas dress – can anybody say “recycling?” Kitten heels – animal rights. How about the $1,170 Olsen-twin-designed ‘The Row’ skirt – those “pale grey pleats” scream support for the American military and exhibit solidarity with the U.S. garment industry.

“Though expensive, the President’s wife’s choice represents a support of American industry, as all of the Olsen twins’ designs are made in the U.S.”

Silly me – all along I misjudged Michelle.  I was under the impression that the First Lady’s high-priced fashion choices were commissioned by her current stylist – whose name and identity no one knows – and based on color, mood, or event.  Who would have guessed that Michelle’s affinity for Jason Wu was altruistic in nature?

So as President Obama concentrates on solving the border security problem with Mexican-American immigration expert/Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria, Michelle, on behalf of the American military, healthy eating, recycling and the garment industry, is busy exercising her biceps by snatching up rack-after-rack of hundreds of thousands of dollars in couture garments.

By self-sacrificially donning expensive high-end designer duds, every time she zips up Michelle wants America to rest assured she’s only doing so in support of a righteous cause.

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